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Boland Has Confidence In Their Government

Written by: Quinn Gauder

Simulated Country: Boland
School: Abbey Park High School
Instructor: Ms. Lauretta Weir
Location: Oakville, ON

The Government of Boland has recently passed a monumental bill.

During the years 2000-2002 a total of 2 votes of non-confidence were made just because the first bill to be addressed on legislation day wasn’t well received. On top of that one unfinished bill was passed into legislation just because the government in power was afraid of non-confidence. Because of the ruckus caused by these non-confidence votes, the government rarely had time to pass any essential bills.

Recently, after a re-election caused by a vote of non-Confidence, the United Buddies of Boland with the full support of the opposition passed a bill stating that if a situation that previously required a re-election, or a few MP’s to cross the floor, (a.k.a. Non Confidence) occurs this will now lead to an actual vote of all MP’s on whether or not a re-election should occur. This is a momentous occasion as the government was actually able to pass one more helpful law directly after the aforementioned bill was passed.

Boland no longer has strings holding it back from its true potential.

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Gotsinos Citizens Urged to Move to China

Written by: Samantha R. 

Simulated Country: Gotsinos
School: Nelson High School
Instructor: Ms. Shannon Cote
Location: Burlington, ON

The government of Gotsinos has way to much power and recently passed a law saying “Communism isn’t that bag lets screw over everyone else just for fun”.       Luckily our king decided not to sign the law, but the government still tried to make us follow it.
The national judge has been impeached from his position because people finally realized what we were telling them all along, THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS EXTREMELY BIASED. Even when the “Supreme Chancellor” of Gotsinos was clearly best friends with the old “Supreme Chancellor”, and this was brought up during the election, people still voted for the party that they wanted impeached, because it had a different name.

Everyone in Gotsinos is screwed unless you are the Supreme Chancellor, so we should to China or North Korea where their dictators aren’t as bad as our Supreme Chancellor.

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Civic Mirror Forums Fully Functional

Dear Civic Mirror Users,

We are excited to announce that the forums are running normally again. You may have encountered an error saying that your post contains too few characters, despite writing a sufficient post. This error occurred when using BBCodes, the feature that allows you to enrich your posts with lists, boldsitalics, quotes, images, and more.

This happened because we upgraded from PHP6 to PHP7 to improve performance. The problem was that our current version of phpBB, the software that runs our forums, was not compatible with PHP7. We tried upgrading phpBB, but because of our heavy customisation to better integrate phpBB with Civic Mirror, we decided an upgrade was not the best option. We instead tweaked phpBB to make it compatible with PHP7.

We sincerely apologise for those that encountered this bug in the past, and hope that you will continue to write posts full of BBCodes in the future!

Derek Lam
CM Support Lead,
Action-Ed Learning Resources, Inc.

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Civic Mirror Tips

Written by: Khadeeja

Simulated Country: Hexicos
School: Milton District High School
Instructor: Ms. Christina Paquette
Location: Milton, ON

Is it your first day on Civic Mirror? Are you confused about what to do? Well, this is the article for you.

Tip 1) BUY A HEX. I, unfortunately, made the mistake of not buying a hex and this made my journey in civic mirror extremely difficult.
Tip 2) PARTICIPATE. It is very important to participate in all town hall discussions and the National Court because even if you do not do well in Civic Mirror, you can increase your grade by participating.
Tip 3) HAVE FUN Even though understanding Civic Mirror may seem overwhelming, it is important to enjoy and have fun with your friends.

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Namaste Citizens Discontented with Townhall

Written by: Liam Waterman

Simulated Country: Namaste
School: Centennial Collegiate & Vocational Institute
Instructor: Ms. Jennifer Phillips Alaan
Location: Guelph ON

Another town hall was held recently, and most citizens are in agreement that it was extremely boring. The issues discussed were trivial and pointless, and the only thing that was achieved was making most citizens want to kill themselves. A long discussion ensued on the subject of a proposed “tax” bill that wasn’t even passed! “It technically is a tax, but we worded it poorly.” -Matthew Tam. Many people were disgusted by the shocking admission of the government’s own incompetence. “If the government is split on the subject of taxes, then maybe we should start a charity,” Amanda said. Unfortunately, no one liked that idea at all, and the discussion quickly moved on. At one point Matthew said: “The citizens are greedy for nothing, basically.” “That’s a little sketch,” said an anonymous source. Matthew also brought up the fact that he was very unhappy with the judicial system. “Should we just not have a judge?” Matthew said, implying that the judge position shouldn’t even exist. Later on, a new Judge was appointed, Andres Rodriguez. “Rodriguez sounds a little bit too Mexican to be a reliable judge,” said an anonymous source. Keep in mind that is no reflection on the views of the author of this article.


Things eventually started to heat up once the subject of a new refugee was brought up. Despite the fact that the citizens voted for her to be kicked out of the country, the very same Andres Rodriguez decided to let her live on his dime. “What a slimy little Mexican,” said an anonymous source.

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More Privatizations, Less Limitations

Written by: Nailah Jamal

Simulated Country: Namaste
School: Centennial Collegiate & Vocational Institute
Instructor: Ms. Jennifer Phillips Alaan
Location: Guelph, ON

In the nation of Namaste, citizens are very varied in their emotions and progress in the game. Few report to be progressing well, with minimal deduction of status/well-being points. Many citizens answered with negative connotations. After taking a short survey, it was shockingly revealed that 66% of citizens were living with less than 20 well-being points. However, a man who some believe to be a convict, is doing quite well. With the 3rd highest amount of status points and being in the top 5 richest people in Namaste, is Liam, our former prime minister. Many citizens are angry and unsupportive of the new laws. An individual who has a considerably large amount of money, says the government is “repressing hardworking people”. Probably referring to the new law that involves taking money from the rich to give to the poor to diminish the wealth gap. Another citizen says the government is “stealing”. Since the new law promoting more government ownership has been passed, many businesses have been taken into government possession from citizens. Residents say the government is “using their power to control everything”. A commoner who says the government has too many rules and restrictions is fighting for the idea of “more privatization, less limitations”. If more citizens join this cause, daily life in Namaste could get a little interesting. A particular individual is grieving a loss of their family member, and can’t forget a statement made by the government earlier; a government member said that “people have to die this year”. This could be thought as a form of apathy, as this person is not taking into account how hard it is to lose a member of the family, and how much it affects the individual’s life. Overall, there are many mixed emotions about the country’s functionality among citizens. Stay tuned to find out what happens in the following week in the country of Namaste.

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Humanitarian Dictatorship For Those Actually Involved In Springland

Written by: Alex Aaby

Simulated Country: Springland
School: College Place Middle School
Instructor: Ms. Lisa Shearer
Location: Lynnwood, WA

Lately in Springland a new constitution was verified by the people that allowed government absolute power, in exchange for giving the citizens most their human needs, renewing the EI hex, and satisfying many of the hidden agendas besides socialist. This all turned out great until 75% of the population did not accept their trades or consume their human needs products. Essentially through this, the citizens committed suicide. What drastic actions will the government take in order to make the citizens make the 5 keystrokes it takes to survive in Civic Mirror? We’ll have to see.

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Swage Littered With Corruption As The Prime Minister Destroys The Country

Written by: Francis Mcgee

Simulated Country: Swage
School: Arbour Lake Middle School
Instructor: Ms. Emily Fischer
Location: Calgary, AB

As we hit the turn of the century, Swage experienced its first taste of democracy which now seems to be a bitter one. As the election rolled on and voting stations were set up, the people of Swage resorted to bitter partisan lines to try to justify their votes and their parties. As the Right wing “Right Party” used corrosive language to pit people against each other to their advantage, the left-leaning “Paper Towel Party (PTP)” tried to bring people together. But in the end with a close election (with some allegations of fraud) the Right party won a minority government with one vote. As time marched on the Right Party repeatedly tried to destroy democracy by forcing the government to be the jury, forcibly amending the PTP re-election clause to a later and later date. And then just as they seized power they nationalized all hexes keeping the money for the government officials leaving none for the people. Then they broke their own law which prohibited extra food consumption by consuming 5 food while they complained about other people eating too much food.

Many voices for change have been crushed by the “Right Parties” fierce censorship and propaganda campaign, stepping on the right to free speech under Swages constitution. The “Right Party” also repeatedly claimed to have made laws that were in fact made by the PTP, but then they go the extra mile and destroy these laws promoting equality and better economic conditions. SWAGE NEEDS CHANGE NOW, THE OPPRESSIVE RIGHT PARTY DESTROYS FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS WHILE MURDERING THEIR OWN INNOCENT CIVILIANS.


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Dangers Erupt In Hexico

Written by: Khadeeja Naseer

Simulated Country: Hexico
School: Milton District High School
Instructor: Ms. Christina Paquette
Location: Milton, ON

Scandals and corruption exists in many countries, however, in a country run by teenagers, it is bound to occur frequently. In Hexicos, it was found that secret alliances and conspiracies almost tore the country apart. The prime minister’s money making scheme wherein after being impeached, he transferred all the government’s money and property to his own account. The E.I owner’s plan to build a farm and starve the citizens until he gets the money he desires. And the apartment owner’s plan to not power his apartment until he gets sky high prices were all conspiracies that occurred in Hexicos within a span of two days. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

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Killer(s) On The Loose In The Futo Republic!

Written by: Matthew Kerridge

Simulated Country: Futo Republic
School: Glebe Collegiate Institute
Instructor: Ms. Sam Souannhaphanh
Location: Ottawa, ON

During the last trading day something truly evil occurred in the Futo Republic a person starved to death, because of the negligence of one or both of the food hex’s owners. One or both of the food hex’s owners let one or multiple citizens buy multiple food units from them. Our country has 24 citizens one of which never shows up to class, we also have 24 units when trading day starts, so logically everyone who shows up to class should get one food unit yet this is not the case as one of our citizen’s family member starved to death. The government has put in no effort to find these citizens, and one of the food hex’s owner Andi went on record saying that he will not show anyone his sales log; so as of this moment we still have citizens who have committed murder on the loose.

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