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“Day”-ja Vu?

Written by: Bushra Alimerdan

Simulated Country: Rawrlandia XD
School: Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary
Instructor: Mr. Nikola Pijanovic
Location: Burlington, ON

Rawrlandia- Friday afternoon was the start of a revolution, the recent impeachment of former PM Aleksa Grucijic allowed for Michael Day to rise to power. However skeptics have started to inquire whether or not Day will truly be a source of change, or if he is just another dictator set to rule Rawrlandia.

The citizens of Rawrlandia have faced many compelling issues, however no matter who comes to power the trust will never be restored. Day has allowed for citizens to stay alive by taking important initiatives in supporting welfare. However when taking a look back former PM Grucijic was not one to kick a man while he was down either. Bushra Alimerdan, 32, is an active skeptic and does not trust Day as a reliable PM. Alimerdan stated her distaste for the new government “A man that has impeached his own friend, his own colleague, his own partner, will not spare your life. He might have you fooled right now, but it won’t be much longer before we experience the same troubles again.”

According to a recent study done by the Rawrlandia State Financial Bureau of Income and Savings, only 25% of Rawrlandian citizens have shown to have an increase in savings, whilst a whopping 70% have either went bankrupt or are set to become bankrupt. Citizens have had an outcry whether it was for prices on Insurance, Security or just plain Food, the citizens of Rawrlandia are no longer able to sustain themselves without state support. Kiran Bola, 34, has stated her amusement with the new financial flexibility like this “I’m finally not broke anymore, I didn’t even need to find a job, this is great!”

The issues facing Rawrlandia are posing a great threat, and need to be solved before another Grucijic evolves from the cut.

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North Ikea Adopts A Superior System of Governing

Written by: Colin McIntosh

Simulated Country: North Ikea
School: College Place Middle School
Instructor: Ms. Lisa Shearer
Location: Lynnwood, WA

After Jenny G killed off 49 people, the Citizens of North Ikea thought Democracy wasn’t so good after all, and switched to a Communist/Socialist Dictatorship. The National Identity was changed to reflect the politics of the Current political system. It got this way because Colin McIntosh pushed a Crisis Vote, getting it through changing North Ikea. North Ikea is now really more like North Korea, but with less starvation. This has made our country run much better and much more Fascist, which has a net effect of making our country have: less deaths, less Capitalists, and less Emojis. The new North Ikea is much better. North Ikea changed it’s Constitution. North Ikea adopted a system akin to that of the Soviet Union. Everything is running smoothly!

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Is The United Hexis Really United?

Written by: Ryan Etheridge 

Simulated Country: United Hexis
School: Waverly High School
Instructor: Mr. Trent Goldsmith
Location: Waverly, NE

It is the year 2001 in the United Hexis, and things were going well. There were no court cases, and few complaints during town hall. What could possibly go wrong? The Government, the government is what went wrong. During the winter season the government thought it would be a good idea to become permanent representatives, and get rid of elections. Obviously the citizens of the United Hexis, had a problem with this, but it seemed like there was nothing they could do! Thankfully the judge of the United Hexis new what to do, and helped the citizens stand up against the government. As the government’s plan fell apart and the citizen’s got their way, the trust between the two was broken. With the citizens unable to to trust the government anymore, things have already taken a turn for the worse, and only time will tell if the country will be able to get through these troubling times.

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The Government of Zepheron is Hacked

Written by: Robert Wright

Simulated Country: Zepheron
School: Kwantlen Park Secondary
Instructor: Ms. Sonja van der Putten
Location: Surrey, BC

It was a cold and rainy afternoon in Zepheron , and the government had just finished convening on bills in the house of commons. It then proceeded to spring, and the market was opened for the first time in Zepheron. Everything was going fine (for a few seconds ) until I was approached by one of our fine citizens, asking why the government had offered her 2200$. I was understandably confused, as I was supposed to be the only one with access to the government account, but at that moment I noticed that I too had been offered money, and that around 16 other people had been offered money. Within seconds the government’s 27,000$ had been reduced to only 2000$ and everyone was left guessing who did it. It was at this point I realized that I had lost the sheet of paper that had the password to the government of Zepheron on it. To summarize, all of the government’s money is gone, we don’t know who did it, and they are trying to frame me for the whole thing. In other words, just another day in Zepheron.

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Right Party Takes Action in Arbour Lake

Written by: Jacks Schoen

Simulated Country: 9C Swage
School: Arbour Lake Middle School
Instructor: Ms. Emily Fischer
Location: Calgary, AB

A new government has been elected in Swage, marking a new beginning for the citizens. Swage is a prosperous and peaceful country unlike its recent history. The previous Government was harsh and restrictive and fought with its citizens. We like to think this positive transition is all due to the success and hard work of the Right Party. Many laws are being passed currently to improve the lives of the Swage citizens.

Some of our citizens are unsure of what will happen as they have no trust in government due to the fact that all they have ever known has been torture and unfair treatment. From what we understand, the majority of citizens that reside in our country are happy with their new government. There have been threats made that if the government is not fast acting, the citizens will overthrow them but all attempts have been put to rest and the government has quickly reassured them of their resolve. We see a bright and prominent future for the floating island of Swage, all thanks to the amazing people within our government known as the Right Party. Their newly appointed Prime Minister, Jacks Schoen, has proven to be worthy for the position along with his fellow cabinet members. The government has lowered taxes and established fair laws that were requested by the people for the people. This country will have a successful future due to the dedication and commitment of its new government.

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Flinterland Citizen is Unrightfully Prosecuted

Written by: Jageur Mackenzie

Simulated Country: Flinterland
School: Meadowridge School
Instructor: Ms. Michelle Flintermann
Location: Maple Ridge, BC

Jageur Mackenzie was prosecuted earlier today because he “unlawfully” re-developed against a law, C-3. Jageur was under the assumption that when David Guo, Member of Parliament, had given him instructions in a Contract. David Guo has traded Jageur 4 surplus E/I units in turn for Jageur to give him a spot in his Apartment, that would be developed after Jageur had used the 4 E/I units to re-develop his units. Then when David had given Jageur permission as a Government member, Jageur had went ahead and re-developed his House in to an Apartment. Then, Jageur was taken to court and prosecuted because he broke a law, but Jageur had no idea that he broke any laws, because he signed a contract with a Government member, allowing him to re-develop his hex. Jageur Mackenzie is now in great debt and is unable to pay it off or get a loan, as most of the class is either poorer than him, or against him.

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Successful Revolution for The Better of Vulcaninsula

Written by: Kaitie Gordon

Simulated Country: Vulcaninsula
School:  Nelson High School
Instructor: Ms. Susan Dueckman
Location: Burlington, ON

In light of the government passing laws that limited free speech (2001-5:  You will be fined if in a public setting you speak poorly about the government. $1000 per offense.) and made our system very corrupt (2001-6: Her Majesty the Queen can take the place of the judge in National Court if she chooses to.), a crisis vote was held yesterday. Myself and my party were the leaders of this revolution, and I am happy to say that the citizens of Vulcaninsula are no longer governed by a dictatorship. Many tasks are in store for Vulcaninsula, but it will be much easier and fair for our country from now on.

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News or Controversy?

Written by: Ryan Trager

Simulated Country: Timberlands
School: Deer Path Middle School
Instructor: Mr. Matt Truding
Location: Lake Forest, IL

Things have been ok as Timberlands enters it’s final civic mirror years, but an issue arises. Supreme Court Judge, Quinn Garrigan, has began sending out what he calls “the newz”. It’s basically news regarding our city, but issues are beginning to rise. It has been stated that it’s only a joke, but it does poke fun at some people, who didn’t take it too well. Citizen, Nick Moore, who was in a story of the first “the newz”, tried to make his own version of “the newz”, and now Quinn is trying to sue him. Will this become an issue that brings Timberlands to it’s knees?

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Bitterness Growing in Old Zeeland

Simulated Country: Old Zeeland
School:  Malcolm Shabazz City H.S.,
Instructor: Mr. Aaron Kaio
Location: Madison, Wisconsin

The Spread of Country-wide Cultural Supremacy

Written by: Carter Newbury, March 10, 2017

Cultural supremacy in Old Zeeland schools? The facts seem to indicate so. In 2001, a budget was passed saying that education would be given to those with priority. The bill described priority to be for “those who need it”.

Liam, a minority, received extra education from the executive branch while people with priority still did not! Has the cultural supremacy spread from the executive branch to the schools of Old Zeeland? Stay tuned to find out.

Lack of Intergovernmental Cooperation

Written by: John Williams, March 16, 2017

The government failed to pass the Environmental Protection Act (EP act) that would protect the environment for the last two years. The EP act will protect the river and halt development of wilderness. During the government events this bill has been repeatedly pushed back. This has happened because of the continued pointless arguments between big governments and big energy.

Maybe this year the EP Act will be passed if the government will stop side tracking and get to the point. If the government does this, so many more laws will be passed and the EP Act will finally have a chance at getting looked over and being passed.

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Fascism in Terribilis: Not As Difficult As You Think

10th Grade Student Reflects on Fascist Movement in His Simulated Country

Written by: Rhys Schock

Simulated Country: Terribilis
School: Earl of March Secondary
Instructor: Ms. Rebecca Clark
Location: Kanata, ON

During the Civic Mirror, all was going well. A lot was being changed and the people were getting happier with the government. Since the opposing government had become in power in the 2002 elections (Conservatives/Environmentalists), they were changing laws and expanding on how almost everyone was finally going to get healthcare and education. The people were starting to become happier, and people thought it was going to be all okay. Until, when the Leader of the Conservative/Environmentalists party, Jocelyn, decided to reveal her hidden agenda and complete her objective to turn the government from democratic to fascist.

Her hidden agenda was fascist. It shocked everyone in the class and everyone’s belongings were taken away and given to the government. Even the MPs were kicked out of the party, and were no longer part of the government. Everyone thought that it was going to be a “happily ever after” kind of ending to the game. But if Jocelyn hadn’t completed her hidden agenda, then it probably would have been like that. It was probably the perfect time to do what she did.

In the beginning of the semester, nobody knew who she was, being the only grade 9 in the class. She just went with the flow and kept quiet for the majority of the game. There were three parties; the Liberals, the Conservatives, and the Environmentalists. She was the leader of the Environmentalist party. She played with such intelligence, leading her right to power. When the two parties joined together, then everyone started to get suspicious of her.

In the class circle after the game concluded, she revealed her plans to become in power. She said it was all part of her plan. She took everything from everyone and people start to get vibes of a Hitler figure. Everyone was relating her actions to Hitler because in the end, everyone lost everything and it all ended with everyone having nothing. In the end, it was a lot of fun, and Mrs. Clark’s next class will hopefully enjoy it too.

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