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No Justice for the Judge? Part One

Lizanne Foster’s Students Contemplate How They Can Restore Balance to Their Country

Written by: Eunice Javier & Gurpreet Boparai
Location: Queen Elizabeth Secondary, Surrey, B.C.

judgeIt has been an obvious fact that relations have been contentious within Scylla, but recently, drama has been scaling to dangerous heights. Following a heated case which ended in a mistrial during National Court 2002, Scylla’s government announced that they would be taking our National Judge to court. BalrajC, who has served in such position since 2000, will be tried for consuming two extra food units before Year 2002 ended. He will be tried alongside DilpreetM, one of Scylla’s farmers, for committing the same crime. Bill G-1 states: “Each individual citizen can only buy and consume one unit of food per year.”

In an interview with BalrajC, however, he says that fingers are being pointed at the wrong people. It is the government that has done wrong, not him. RanjeetB, a member of our government, was the one who allowed BalrajC and DilpreetM to eat the extra food units during lunch break. Knowing that the year was going to end, he pardoned them so that they could gain extra well-being points. After all, the last civilians who needed to eat food units never log in. Then, in a turn of events, he vouched for their prosecution only a few hours later.

scyllaThe government’s motives behind these actions are unclear, yet many speculate they are using BalrajC and DilpreetM as fodder, to show the citizens that they were unbiased. In light of the Power Hex court case, where the government tried to unrightfully seize ownership from a girl, it is not so far-fetched. It has been claimed in the past that our so-called current socialist government has leaned towards fascism more than anything else. Slowly, the are taking over our judicial branch. First, they passed Bill 619: “The government will choose the appropriate jury for all court cases.” and now they will replace BalrajC with their friend as National Judge, a student who is not even a citizen of our nation. What else lies ahead for our country? Something tells me they only have more sinister plans up their sleeves.

* * *

To read Ms. Lizanne Foster’s articles and opinion-pieces on all things education, visit her website.

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The History of Westopolis

A Student-Created History from Trenton High School, in Trenton, MI

Backstory: Every social studies class that uses Civic Mirror is tasked to create a fictitious history for the country they co-create. This one was submitted to us to share.


Written by: Angelia Pusino

The becoming of Westopolis is a tale of enriching history, romance, and war. Starting from the ancient war lands of the Jenners and Kardashians. The warning states were divided into the Kim, Khloè, Kourtney, Kris, Kylie, and Kendall kingdom. Each continue to fight for territory in the land, it was almost to hard to keep up. The states could never compromise and tension between them only increased. The warring states soon declared war and fighting broke out across the lands. Many lives were lost and disease spread taking the lives of loved ones.

Then out of nowhere a man, clad in clothes to fresh for you, came forth to stop the fighting. The man stood and spoke words that will be remembered to this day, “Yo Kardashians, I’m really happy for you. I’m gonna let you finish but not fighting is the best of all time.” Hearing these words of wisdom the Kardashians decided to put aside their differences and made this man their ruler. This man is the greatest man that ever existed, Kanye West.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 10.46.31 AMThe country was then rebuilt and named Westopolis after the Kardashians savior. Kanye soon rebuilt the country in his image and married the princess of the Kim kingdom. A child was then born and all was good in the lands of Westopolis. The child, North West, was favored by all the citizens, but her sister South West was sadly forgotten, as if she didn’t exist.

Outraged South declared war on North and Westopolis was soon thrown into war. Most families sided with North, but a few upset with the death of warring kingdoms sided with South. Battle raged on for twenty days and soon North was victorious, the land of Westopolis was saved. South was banished and all the ally families were stripped from their wealth. Now, present day Westopolis is a republic. The majority being North’s supporters well supported by the old West family. The minority are the old supporters of South that are now stuck with poverty.

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David’s Candidacy Speech for President of Westopolis

From Trenton High School in Trenton, MI

WestopolisWritten by: David Grieve, student of Mr. Dan Taylor’s Social Studies class.

Good evening Kanye West enthusiasts and citizens of Westopolis, I stand before you to declare my race for presidency.

I believe that there are changes that could be made to better our society and improve the living conditions, I believe that I am the best candidate to make these changes happen quickly and efficiently.

There are too many poor and impoverished citizens currently residing in this nation. Westopolis is a nation bursting with potential, so why haven’t we fully tapped into this potential. We have the brains and motivation to become the best nation in this universe. The only answer to truly achieve this success is electing me, David Joseph Grieve as president of Westopolis.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.22.18 AMAs president I would like to ensure that every citizen who would like a job will be given one by the government. First, all government owned businesses will be ran by the citizens. The core responsibility of this job is to ensure that units are sold and that these units are sold to the right people. To clear up confusion the government will still own the business but one citizen will be accepting the trades and will be payed for their duties, this ensures that jobs will be created along with giving the government more time to worry about other tasks as opposed to having their time consumed by accepting trades all open market.

I would also like to use our newly developed E/I hex to develop and new education hex for the next year eliminating education shortages. As president I would like to have Olivia as a vice president, she will also be named the presiding officer of the Senate. I would also like to declare our saviour Kanye as our national god and everyday we will play a Kanye West clip.

A job I would also like to create and hire for is intended for a creative citizen or citizens that will be motivated to create a pledge to be recited everyday at the start of class, this pledge must praise our God Yeezy.

Thank you for your time Grieve out. *drops microphone*

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Elections at Ian Bazalgette Hold Interesting Results.

9th Grade Students from Ms. Ashley Polowski’s Social Studies Class in Calgary, AB Finish their Mock Elections

Written by John Knox


With the elections in both Exo and Bel-Air coming to a close, it has shown interesting results. In Exo, Prime Minister Sharp, leader of the Eastern Workers Union (EWU) was election with nearly two-thirds of the votes at a whooping 61.9% while the Misfits (MF) took the seats as the Opposition.

Meanwhile the people of Bel-Air were put in a different situation, having only one party led by now Prime Minister Nelson, forcing a completely united parliament under the Mighty Eight (ME) eliminating any real choice for the citizens. With multiple witnesses seeing both Sharp and Nelson discussing recently, we will see if their nations will truly acknowledge one another and if so, how the new nations to interact with both nations lead by sizeable majority parties.

Only time will tell the future.

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No More Draft Manuals!

PDF Versions of Published Manuals Now Available

CM ManualsWe are proud to announce that users can now access the PDF versions of the published CM Manuals on civicmirror.com. Whereas before users could only make copies of the Draft Manuals, from the Getting Started page, links to the super synchronized and awesome versions of the manuals are available.

NOTE: Teachers are permitted to make in-school copies for them and their students, on the condition that they do not upload them to an online space that is not password protected.


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Turmoil in Yosif Town Hall

Josh Thompson Reports from Mountain Park School

Ms. Rutland’s Gr.9 Social Studies Class in Calgary, AB


Today in the 2002 Yosif Town Hall meeting there was absolutely no progress made. The citizens either suggested problems, or constantly tried to promote a dictatorship! Nobody showed any interest in finding solutions to the problems discussed, and it was a very chaotic first meeting with the Conservatives in power.

town_hallThere were accusations made: the Prime Minister was accused of giving people the password, the three apartment owners were accused of planning to kick everyone out of their apartments so people would die, and another accusation that someone given the government password was offering to sell it. A pretty rough start to the Conservative’s reign in power.

There was only one or two legitimate grievances relating to the game, while the rest were either comments about who Yosif’s “Gossip Girls” were, or rumours (just a reminder citizens, rumours are not true facts), and, if there was a legitimate concern, someone would always comment about how we should all vote for the W.A.N.D.P. (We Are Not a Dictatorship Party) Is this what Yosif is coming to?A place where 90% of the citizens want a dictator party?

Your government has actually done a really good job! You don’t have any idea how good you all have it. You have actually had some pretty good governments. A big shout out to the patience of our Conservative government, who went through a pretty frustrating ordeal today, as well as our town hall moderator, Tahany K, who showed extreme patience as well, even though some people purposely tried to make her angry and frustrated. This year’s town hall has been a frustrating experience for Yosif. Perhaps next year’s town hall will be more effective…

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The Fight for Justice in CM Country Mountain Dew

Written by Alec Gain & Rana Hamdy, 

Reporting from Nelson High School, Burlington, Ontario.

justiceOn Friday, April 1st 2016 the nation of Mountain Dew was enthralled by a court case between two of its most prominent citizens.

The accuser, David.Sanders took local farmer Anna Ljungberg to court, where he accused her of violating the constitution and doing him personal damage in the process. “I feel my rights have been violated.” Said David. “And I will not stand for this.” He decided to sue and sought $2500 and a free yearly food unit as compensation.

The accused, Ms.Ljungberg, seemed extremely calm and unaffected by the accusations against her. “I think it’s pretty funny that he’s trying to sue, he has no evidence and I have nothing to be afraid of.”

However Dave’s Lawyer, Mac Fletcher, was extremely confident about this case and said that all they wanted was justice for the people of Mountain Dew. And he was sure they would get it.

Dave sued Anna on the grounds that she had sold him a food unit for $600. Which was more than double what the constitution allowed her to charge. He claimed that due to this unfair treatment he did not have enough money to buy other necessities. Additionally, he claimed Anna had egregiously violated the nation’s constitution and laws. His intrepid lawyer shocked everyone with the amount of evidence they had compiled for their suit, which included screenshots of the trades that had taken place.

NelsonlogoDespite the overwhelming evidence the prosecution had assembled. Anna pleaded not guilty. She said that it was her own private business and she could do as she pleased. She also mentioned that in the beginning Dave offered her a smaller amount, and when she elected to reject it, he increase the offer. She claimed it was her right to refuse to sell to him, and his fault for offering her more money.

After much debate, prosecutor Kirby. Allen declared. “She was ill prepared for this case, she will have to pay a 750$ fine to Dave and another $250 fine to the government due to her lying”. Ms.L agreed to all the terms.

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“Wrath” Strikes Fear into Mountain Dew at Nelson High School

Written by Mac Fletcher

mountain_dewIn Ms. Leslie Knowles Civic Mirror classroom at Nelson High School, in Burlington, Ontario, terror has struck in the nation of “Mountain Dew”. Reportedly, a man only known by the moniker “Wrath” attempted to spark Nation-wide fights by turning students on each other. His method of doing so? Threatening to reveal a hidden agenda.

This writer was there to cover the whole story as a regular Town hall meeting turned into a 45-minute argument with accusations and insults being thrown all over the classroom and friends become enemies. Prime Minister Thomas MacDonald was able to contain the situation however, and investigations are currently under way to discern just who “Wrath” really is.

Many suspect local laughing stock ‘Alec Gain’, due to him being out of town at the time of the incident. Others have even turned on their best friends. Stay tuned to see how this story pans out, and be on the lookout for “Wrath”.

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Peak Academy Students Elect Student Prime Minister

Submitted by Ben McLeod, Student at Peak Centre Academy in Ottawa, re. Country Called “Swarm”


*   *   *

The country of Swarm elected their first Prime Minister yesterday in a thrilling election. After the results were tabulated, the honorable Mr. Darian MacTavish was elected to the post. Joining Prime Minister MacTavish in his new role will by the honorable Mr. Merrick Rippon as Minister of Finance and the honorable Mr. Cedrick Andree as Speaker of the House.

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Citizen Sells Real Food to Get By in Social Studies Simulation

Submitted by Andrew Rutz of College Place Middle School in Lynnwood, WA


*   *   *

Today in our country (Elmo’s World 4) a person made churros at home and sold them in class trying to copy someone else’s idea who was selling cookies to the class and made profits exceeding 4,000 dollars. But sadly she barley made 400 dollars selling one churro at 200 dollars, while the person selling cookies sold a cookie for 300 dollars.

The two have now started working together and have copyrighted selling any baked goods and no retail and have started making profit.

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