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ECC Prime Minister Does Not Care About Sick Kids

Written by: Bruce Scott

Simulated Country: ECC
School: Abbey Park High School
Instructor: Ms. Melissa Sinclair
Location: Oakville, ON

This developing story is as shocking as it sounds! The government of the island country ECC has just denied a developer electricity to build a hospital for sick kids. At this time we don’t quite know where the electricity was sent but it definitely wasn’t for sick children. This whole situation is outrageous and just goes to show how unfair the world can be sometimes.

The developers name is Bruce Scott, the developer was going to clear a small area in the north-east sector of ECC to build a hospital. Scott has the money but needs electricity for the development. Other “hexes” are currently being developed with this electricity but it is for factory’s, not hospitals. This whole situation is outrageous.

I think we can all learn a lesson from this. The lesson is that we can’t let power get in the way of our moral compass. To any other citizen, factory over hospital would sound crazy. But maybe not to a power hungry prime minister, help us here at ECC news stop this disgraceful situation.

Keep checking the news feed for current updates on this developing story.

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