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Sporknife Island Hosts Intense Auction For Land

Written by: Kieran MacDonell

Simulated Country: Sporknife Island
School: St Peter the Apostle
Instructor: Ms. Lenna Zimmer
Location: Spruce Grove, AB

Shalom my fellow Sporknifians I am glad to present to you the first edition of my annual news articles which will be talking about the previous days news and events. The auction for land mass on the island of Sporknife occurred today at 11:00 mountain time and resulted in some interesting ownership’s. Some of the highlights from this auction includes a very exciting mixup/joke made from the lack of silence in the room making for a very tense and serious moment of voting to determine whether, I, KieranM should pay 6000$ for a river hex with the outcome being no. Other highlights include bidding wars for a farm between KieranM and the government, for AndrewM’s apartment complex and finally, for the power unit between the government and JamesK. Some of the largest bids we saw today were from the wealthier of the peoples and some very notable and expensive ones being bought out from under the people by the government with the purchase of a farm for a record breaking 6,300$ and the power plant for 4,600$. Some amazing private bids that were among the most expensive are by: AndrewM for an apartment complex, JamesK for a farm, KieranM for education and EliZ for Medical services. The cheapest buys of the day were made by: MackenzieM for a green hex, NoahK for a river hex, AmberD for a house and BrianaSaskiw with a mansion. Some questions people were walking away with include the major question of how the Government will acquire such sociable things like health care for themselves with the low budget they have been left with by Prime Minister KrystianP. Will the government buy shares in the units they believe should be public and owned by them? Or will they forcefully try to take these hexes by intimidation or by hiring hackers to exploit and acquire these hexes? We have to all remain sturdy in this time of uncertainty and make sure to protect our computers and make sure they are not left unattended. Don’t forget to read up on the news everyday and protect your computer.!!!!

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