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Is Greed Killing Sporknife?

Written by: Eli Ziehr

Simulated Country: Sporknife Island
School: St Peter the Apostle
Instructor: Mrs. Lenna Zimmer
Location: Spruce Grove, AB

Shalom Sporknifians, I have noticed a prominent issue plaguing our beautiful nation for a while now. The issue I am suggesting is one born from the greed of one particular private Farm Hex owner. I am sure the citizens of Sporknife are aware of what I am talking about now, because it is predicted that many family members will die from starvation if Farm owner James can’t set aside his lust for wealth for the better of the people. It has been a lengthy dispute between the Government and James according to officials I have asked about this, despite the Government being clear with citizens regarding it’s goal to nationalize the Food and Energy industry to secure low prices for everyone. It is a shame that despite the Government’s interest in feeding everyone and keeping prices down, James continues to try to gouge the Government with co-ownership deals and high prices with no regard for the starving families of his fellow Sporknifians. I think I speak for everyone when I say that families all over Sporknife need to eat, and that will not be possible with this current greed. For the sake of Sporknife’s well being, I hope we can all agree that prosperity of our people should take priority over the wallets of businessmen and that an appropriate deal needs to be struck soon. We all have to stay resilient in the face of scarcity. Stay safe, fellow Sporknifians.
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2 Responses to Is Greed Killing Sporknife?

  1. Shalom Sporknifian. I bear a message from Tropicana9. I completely agree with you and so does Tropicana9. You have an entire country on your side. I say we form an alliance. Mazel Tov and safe travels.

    -Mudaser of Tropicana9

  2. Beverly Cameli says:

    My students nation enter not only into a crisis vote but declared a civil war against their fascist government. As a result the government, who owned the energy hex as his own personal property, also destroyed the energy hex. Is it possible for the students revive their country? Can they work to restore energy? If so, how? If not then are they all doomed to die due to a lack of food, shelter, education and health?