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Lizzolandia’s Polling Payoff

Written by: Madeleine Dmen, Antonton Wonton, & Spedmen Migee

Simulated Country: Lizzolandia
School: Harold Panabaker Jr High School
Instructor: Ms. Loretta Lock
Location: Calgary, AB

A landslide victory for Alfred Jiao of the UPP, this result comes after a grueling day and a half campaign waged against the leader of the Midwing party, Addy MacDonald. The results leave Mr Jiao as the Prime Minister and his cabinet consisting of Mr Darryl Cheung, Mr Wyatt Fusick, Mr Mikeljan Deda, and Mr Lucas Finlay. Leaving the opposition leader as Addy MacDonald and her cabinet consisting of Tim and Mx. Cat. The first act of the new leader took was to federalize all property in order to make the country truly great.

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