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General Content

  • A Guide: Teaching and Learning With The Civic Mirror

    Explains how teaching and learning becomes more exciting and meaningful with the Civic Mirror, and provides some helpful tips for first-time educators as well.

  • 5 Week Unit Plan

    This unit plan maximizes the full capacity of the Civic Mirror and tackles massive amounts of learning outcomes in just 25 days. Why break your back planning one when you can just follow this?

  • 3 Week Unit Plan

    This full-blast unit plan was built for educators who want to run through the full Civic Mirror experience in a short amount of time. The pace will be fast, and we recommend debriefing the experience afterward, but this unit covers the CM basics quickly and effectively in just 3 weeks.

  • CM as a Technology Initiative

    Outlines why the Civic Mirror should be viewed as an “Educational Technology Initiative” that will make meaningful use of technology in the classrooms to engage students and meet curriculum outcomes. Curricular fit with the Technology Standards Project included.

  • Ancient or Medieval History

    By learning how our current social, political, and economic systems work with the Civic Mirror, students can better understand ancient and medieval societies.

  • Civic Mirror in 10 Lessons

    This one-pager shows how the full Civic Mirror program can be done in as little as 10 lessons. While we recommend stretching the 10 lessons over several weeks, this document will be helpful for teachers using the 6 Week Trial.