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Rebellion Forming in Froggy Chair

Written by: Kelsey Bateman

Simulated Country: Froggy Chair
School: Prescott Learning Centre
Instructor: Mrs. Christy Haggarty
Location: Spruce Grove, AB

With the election being recently finished in the land of Froggy Chair, the hex auction was expected to be an exciting affair with few alliances. This was not the case. There was talk of a “gang” that had been spread before and during the election, but it was only from a few select citizens. The CFC party ended up winning the election and formed majority government, with The Afterparty as the official opposition.

Throughout the hex auction, however, multiple citizens banded together to form what they called an “anarchy”. The anarchy began to pool together money in order to bet against the government. The government had promised in their platform that they would own the E/I hex, but the anarchy bidded over $10 000, until the government came out victorious after spending $11 000 on the valuable hex. Later in the day, they began to put up posters promoting their rebellion, including defacing the CFC party’s posters. As an MP and part of the CFC myself, I decided to ask member of the Afterparty and active member of the rebellion Victoria on her views. She said that the rebellion was formed “for fun”. When asked the goals of the rebellion, she responded simply “still deciding”. I’m very interested to see how this plays out, and I look forward to updating as the story continues.


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