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Supreme Dictator Takes Over

Written by: Kiara Ellingwood

Simulated Country: Tropico 2018
School: St. Mary’s High School
Instructor: J Allan
Location: Owen Sound, ON

The country of Tropico was in chaos, people were worried for their safety and began to talk in small circles about what they could do to change this. They plotted to sign a petition that would allow them to proceed with a crisis vote to save their country. The Dictator was angry and seized the property of Kiara to put fear into the citizens involved.

The Dictator made a secret trade with the government where he took all of the governments money and hexes. Nick took this issue to court and sued the Dictator for return of the property taken. Unfortunately, the jury decided that Evan was innocent and only made him return $25,000 along with the power plant.

‘I am afraid that the healthcare, education, food, and security will not be properly distributed and I will lose my family,’ said Emily Clements, a worried citizen. Other citizens were worried and tried to talk to the newly elected Prime Minister, Ana.
Laws were made to help ensure that this issue would be resolved, but many citizens still reported issues with having trades rejected by Evan.
The hope is for our country to return to being successful, but is our country already too far gone?

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Saladland Suffers From Inactive Government – Citizens Angry

Written by: Alex W

Simulated Country: Saladland
School: College Place Middle School
Instructor: Ms. Lisa Shearer
Location: Lynnwood, WA

Saladland is suffering from an inactive and uncaring government! They are inactive on the website, and only last week passed a bill limiting the prices of units! The House and the Senate have been accepting and denying bills without much thought, and taking too long to make decisions about the future of our country! Last year there were many talks in the town hall about citizens disobeying laws and being dishonest with each other. However the government also caring of its people, giving discounts to the poor. However, owners of hexes sometimes aren’t agreeing with this. Citizens are beginning to become slightly angry– will this escalate into something more? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

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NCI: A Broken Country

Written by: Foosoo Vean

Simulated Country: NCI
School: Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute
Instructor: Ms. Liz Milijasevic
Location: Kitchener, ON

The country of NCI had just finished their first year, 2000. They have just started the year 2001 and already most of their civilians are broke. Most are suffering from this and cannot afford to buy units they need in order to live. A civilian by the name of, Fuesue Vang, is in need of health as his whole family happens to suffer from cancer. The start of the year has been a struggle for the people of NCI
and the governments welfare system seems to not be working.






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New Energy Ownership Bill Passed By Sesame Street Government

Written by: Corbin Baccetti

Simulated Country: Sesame Street
School: College Place Middle School
Instructor: Ms. Lisa Shearer
Location: Lynnwood, WA

President Lalia passed a new bill stating that all E/I hexes are owned by the government, all energy units have to be sold at the same price to everybody. Whether or not you agree with the bill itself, it’s a good thing that the country is making swift progress.











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Parlmarum PM is Overworked

Written by: Jawad D.

Simulated Country: Palmarum
School: Captain Nichola Goddard School
Instructor: Mr. Jamie Nybo
Location: Calgary, AB

The PM has been working very hard to maintain all the trade offers and provide resources to all the citizens of Palmarum, but although they are backed up they refuse to provide government access to other MP’s of their own purple party.

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Revolution Crippled!

Written by: Alexey Chipeev

Simulated Country: Republic of Clout
School: Captain Nichola Goddard School
Instructor: Mr. Jamie Nybo

After Lionel.H, Our Supreme Dictator, rightfully suppressed the foul minorities, they rebelled in a Communist Rebellion, lasting until Fall. A Official Opposition Minister Michelle.Y lead a crisis vote to overthrow the Majority Fascist Government and almost succeeded but to relief our Security Forces prevented their treason, but riots continue. This was prompted by the seizure of their property and most of their funds (Except $50 if you complied) not to mention when laws passes greatly impacted and successfully destroyed their livelihoods.

All Hail Lionel!

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Terrific Teamwork in Terabithia Falls

Written by: Alli McGee

Simulated Country: Terabithia Falls
School: Craig Kielburger Secondary
Instructor: Ms. Leesa Allison
Location: Milton, ON

In Terabithia Falls, the amazing minority government is working together to help their country thrive and survive. In the year 2001, there was no deaths, this just proves that they are doing everything in their power to help there citizens get everything they need. Now that it is 2002, the government is working hard to improve their overall country score and insure that every citizens survives and gets all of there needs without draining all their resources. Development will occur and new laws will be made, as a citizen of Terabithia Falls I’m excited to report all is well!

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Is A Monopoly Beginning in Ferda?

Written by: Mathias McDougall

Simulated Country: Ferda
School: Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute
Instructor: Mr. Kevin Brooks
Location: Kitchener, ON

It’s a battle of popularity as two private residents battle it out for the right to own Ferda’s sole security hex. One, the leader of the opposition. The other, the national historian and sole owner of the police force on the island.

Both are powerful people as far as wealth concerns. It is rumored that the opposition leader will be suing the Historian for the rights to the property in the year 2002.

“He claims that the Judge and the Jury will be on his side due to his popularity with the rest of the island’s population,” the Historian claims as he stands outside the Police station with one of the K9 dogs used on the unit. “And to think this all started because I raised the price of the security unit for him. Like, common man. You have 7 hexes that I need to protect, where as many only have one or two.”

We could not reach the opposition leader for comment on this issue.

And while the two race for the chance card, the people of Ferda are at the edge of their seats as this battle of wealth and popularity begins a race around the bored.

More on this story as it develops.

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Wapicol Citizens Are Starving

Written by: ZachVH

Simulated Country: Wapicol
School: Westfield Middle School
Instructor: Mrs. Stephanie Walker
Location: Westfield, IN

There is enough food to go around, but not enough care. Farm hex owner, Kyle W., neglected to sell food to multiple citizens and continued to sell them to others. There are currently six deaths that will occur in the year 2001 and four of them will be because of lack of food. KyleW currently has six food units in stock, so this issue is clearly avoidable. Lauren R. plans to take him to court for his actions. This has been ZachVH of Wapicol National News.

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Boland Has Confidence In Their Government

Written by: Quinn Gauder

Simulated Country: Boland
School: Abbey Park High School
Instructor: Ms. Lauretta Weir
Location: Oakville, ON

The Government of Boland has recently passed a monumental bill.

During the years 2000-2002 a total of 2 votes of non-confidence were made just because the first bill to be addressed on legislation day wasn’t well received. On top of that one unfinished bill was passed into legislation just because the government in power was afraid of non-confidence. Because of the ruckus caused by these non-confidence votes, the government rarely had time to pass any essential bills.

Recently, after a re-election caused by a vote of non-Confidence, the United Buddies of Boland with the full support of the opposition passed a bill stating that if a situation that previously required a re-election, or a few MP’s to cross the floor, (a.k.a. Non Confidence) occurs this will now lead to an actual vote of all MP’s on whether or not a re-election should occur. This is a momentous occasion as the government was actually able to pass one more helpful law directly after the aforementioned bill was passed.

Boland no longer has strings holding it back from its true potential.

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