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FROC’s Corrupt Government Refuses to Change

Written by: Youngsoo Kim

Simulated Country: FROC
School: Heritage Woods Secondary
Instructor: Mr. Paul Chaffee
Location: Port Moody, BC

The year 2001 recently dawned on the Federal Republic of Chaffestan. As the marking of another era, a new year generally leads to new beginnings
and new resolutions –
in other words, it is a time of change.

Prime Minister Josh Cheng of the Peace Love and Happiness Party made clear in the House of Commons earlier this week that change is of no concern to his government. Certainly, he is interested in feigning change, and conning the citizens of FROC into believing it is actually occurring, but the idea of enacting change itself is simply foreign to him.

During the legislative procedures, Cheng and his MPs announced the creation of six bills in addition to so-called “revisions” to old bills, such as last year’s E/I bill. While these announcements were at first touted as improvements, it is in this writer’s opinion that they would do nothing to solve FROC’s problems. For example, the new Residences Bill initially demanded all rent prices capped at $950, a needlessly high number that would only lead to more citizens not being able to afford proper living conditions. Also launched was the Welfare Bill, which was to be funded by donations from FROC’s wealthiest citizens and the government deciding on which citizens would receive support. This immediately posed several issues, namely the discriminatory attitude towards the destitute.

Cheng’s government also outright ignored other problems plaguing FROC, primarily the wealth gap. It remains the biggest source of destruction to this country’s stability. The richest citizen of FROC has a whopping $18,207 more than the second richest citizen, and a good $10,671 more than the government itself. The fact that Josh Cheng and his government is spinning their wheels while a good fraction of the population is toiling in poverty is outrageous. In this writer’s opinion, despite the government’s trumpeting of all these faux-changes, it is plain to see that our leaders remains the same wolf under a different sheep’s clothing.

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