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The Authoritarian State of Isle of Geoff

Written by: Spencer Diver

Simulated Country: Isle of Geoff
School: Bluevale Collegiate Institute
Instructor: Mr. Sahil Kumar
Location: Waterloo, ON

The Surprise Party of the Isle of Geoff was elected into power and seemingly seemed like a normal party. Their policies were very similar to the opposition party, the Reformed Party. They had little to worry about for the citizens of Isle of Geoff. However, once they were elected into power, the true side of the party reared its head.

The very beginning of the first House of Commons meeting started the change. It was time for the voting of the judge in our nation, and it was aked of everyone to put down their heads to vote, they would then be tallied to see the most popular candidate. After the votes were counted, Spencer Diver, historian and journalist… and lawyer, was elected to be judge by a large margin. But, in a blatant disrespect of liberty and the feelings of the people, they ignored this vote and instead had citizen JimmyNokeo take his place. This, was the beginning of a series of totalitarian actions from our leader.

During the meeting of the House of Commons proper, laws were put into place that heavily restricted the freedoms of the people. Not only were there laws that would not allow people to make contracts without direct approval from the government, they also instituted a law that if a person was found guilty of a serious crime, would be stripped of their property and fined of $1000, without even letting them be in a welfare program. This would not only not allow them to be able to feed their family, punishing their family for the actions of one person in it, but this sentence would not help people recover from their mistakes, because their property would be taken by the government, which would be way too expensive to purchase.

In this humble journalist’s opinion, this great nation’s government should not be one that oppresses its people into submisson. And I believe that many of the people here think this as well. So, in conclusion, this is my recommendation to those who want better. Speak up. It’s that simple.

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