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Financial Planning

If money makes the world go round, how do we get our hands on it?  How do we make enough money to acquire and do all the wonderful things we want to in this life?

Obtaining the money we need to make our dreams come true doesn’t just happen;  it takes smart planning, hard work, and discipline. Planning to fulfill your dreams by winning the lottery is a losing strategy. Real winners learn the rules of the game, set goals, make plans, and make their dreams a reality. Do you want to be a loser or a winner in the game of financial freedom?  

This learning module is made up of a series of fictitious blog posts that will provide you with tips and strategies to help you become a financial winner. They will help you develop a plan for life-long financial success and happiness.  

The module openswith a Reflection and Connection task that challenges the students tocreate an infomercial. Their job is to educate their viewers on how to achieve financial success. To do this, students must apply critical thinking skills and select their talking points after reviewing the information in this module about things like budgeting, investing, benefits/dangers of compound interest, financial goal-setting and retirement plans.

Throughout the curricular content, students will discover the real purposes and value of money; and how it affects their ability to live the life they want to live. By learning the financial basics, students will be able to complete a series of financial planning steps that will help them create their own plan for success.

This module will not only educate students about money and finances, but it will equip them to identify bad financial habits and attitudes, eliminate them, and opt for more constructive ones—ones that lead to a better future! It also draws on the rich money-management, entrepreneurial, and investing experiences Civic Mirror provides students with, giving students a sandbox to apply their new found knowledge.