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Civic Mirror Pricing Inquiries

For a resource to cover the amount of curriculum that Civic Mirror does, while generating unprecedented levels of student engagement…

The program is a steal!

With the Civic Mirror, the lesson plans and classroom activities are fully prepared, the online program makes managing the rich simulated scenario easy, and all of this saves teachers hours upon hours of hair-pulling time trying to innovate and implement.  This is a huge cost savings for teachers and schools, and a huge educational benefit for students as they prepare for life as citizens in the real world.

Take Advantage of the Free Trial… Seeing Is Believing!

Educators at schools that haven’t used Civic Mirror before can trial it for 6 weeks. CM Free Trials do not start until students begin using the program, and we don’t count winter break against trial length.

We recommend trial users follow the 3-week unit plan or the 5-week unit plan the first time through, complete with lesson plans, reading checks, online discussion activities, and more.

For coordinators/specialists interested in learning about the benefits of a district-wide site license, please review the appropriate document below:

Place an Order ~ Price Details

Use the CM ORDER FORM to place an order and review price details.

Note: It is essential that teachers and students have access to the Civic Mirror Manuals. While we offer PDF versions of both the Instructor and Student Manuals for free (a good option for first-time users), we highly recommend purchasing the bound and published manuals that are fully synchronized and re-issuable.