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Hectic Election in Ratatouille!

Written by: Joshua.G

Simulated Country: Ratatouille
School: South Colchester Academy

Instructor: Ms. Shannon Clancey
Location: Brookfield, Nova Scotia

The 3 Parties in the simulated country Ratatouille at South Colchester Academy in Brookfield, NS were preparing for their super close election. The parties included (i) La Gousteau, (ii) Ratatata, and (iii) White House Down, and every single citizen of the country was actively involved with one of the parties.

Reportedly, during the election, the leader of White House Down joked about seeing the ballot that an MP runner from La Gousteau was using. This resulted in the leader of La Gousteau announcing that this MP will be taken to court if it’s proven that the election was fixed and/or messed with.

Also during the election, tenisons were high. I, myself, was having a pounding heart. Questions flew and people voted. The leader of White House Down got into an argument with a MP runner from Ratatata, and a another MP Runner from Ratatata was told that if he laid hands on someone, he’ll be kicked out. The leader of White House Down seemed to be very calm and joked around whilst the counting was going on, The leader of Ratatata was also calm. Leader of La Gousteau was very tense.

Eventually, everybody finished voting, the election officer counted and called it in, and it was a blind vote for the last MP for Ratatata or La Gousteau, which went to La Gousteau.

The MPS were spilt 3 La Gousteau, 1 for Ratatata, and 3 for White House Down. Tomorrow will be a 1v1 run-off election to determine who the Prime Minister of Ratatouille will be.


The re vote to see who’d win: La Gousteau or White House Down, was held today to high stakes. The leader of White House Down was reportedly disruptive, Campaigning during voting and not shaking the Leader of La Gosuteau’s hand, as well as making a mess on the leader of Ratatata Party’s shoe!
Apparently, White House Down attempted to form connections, to which it wasn’t clear if it worked or not. An absentee from the first vote was also going to vote for La Gousteau. This seasoned reporter voted for La Gousteau.
White House Down tried to corral votes for him, joking about having himself and others vote for the leader of La Gousteau, and also joked that a supporter for the La Gousteau party couldn’t spell their own name!
The last votes came in and it was called. La Gousteau to White House Down, 14:10. The leader of the Party La Gosteau was ecstatic and giddy about winning, the future may look bright.

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