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Deeahharr’s Economy is Pointlessly Dying Due to Its Own People.

Written by: Zaeem Ajwad
Simulated Country: Deeahharr
School: Glenview Park Secondary
Instructor: Ms. Madison Colbeck
Location: Cambridge, ON

It’s obvious that some of Deeahharr’s citizens have no idea about the game, neither have they read enough to understand what a revolution does.

There was, indeed a mistake made by the PM, who covered up for it with the same amount of money loaned from the government, and then represented the citizens fairly, as a good PM does.

Some blind citizens want to overlook the fact that what the PM did with his personal account was NOT ILLEGAL, as there were no laws set at the time. These blind citizens were once told that if they don’t like someone in power, and the people in power (government) did something absolutely detestable, then the citizens can come together to “revolutionize” and kill off the government, replacing it with a new one. These very people, who got obsessed with the idea of a new government (not thinking for a moment as to whether this new government was going to be worse), suggested that the PM should be impeached! These citizens stood tall and acted brave but once asked to define impeachment, went silent, looking around to others for an answer. For all the citizens reading this, let me remind you that when you revolutionize, democracy is being DESTROYED. Property? Destroyed. Money? Gone. Lives? Also gone. The very people revolutionizing, could end up as the ones with their property lost. Deeahharr, because of some of it’s citizen’s mindset, is going to fall. Forever.

Remember, in Deeahharr, the government is not corrupt, but is only trying to help the citizens out. Choose properly.

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