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Possibility of Taxes Not Being Input

Written by: Catalina S.

Simulated Country: Lizzolandia
School: Harold Panabaker Jr High School
Instructor: Ms. Loretta Lock
Location: Calgary, AB

“We need taxes for healthcare and education,” quoted Ms. McDonald. “It needs to go towards all that, and to make sure everyone has what they need to live. We need taxes for that.”

Save for a 10% global sales tax, Mr. Jiao has removed all other taxes. He’s stated that the 10% is enough to pay for what is needed to keep citizens alive and well, though some citizens are doubtful of his claim; taxes have long been used by the government to invest in the military, social security, healthcare, agricultural benefits and veteran benefits. They also go to help families who are under government funding, and to keep conditions inside of prisons stable and healthy for the prisoners.

However, this, in turn, prevents a repetition of a protest similar to that of the Boston Tea Party (December 16, 1773) in the U.S, which was a protest by against the Tea Act (passed May 10, 1773) that forced the people of Boston to pay taxes for tea, and allowed the East India Company to sell tea from China in America without paying taxes (save for the ones demanded by the Townshend Acts; 1767 – 1768).

“High taxes means more benefit for well being,” said Mr. Fusick, a member of the UPP (Mr. Jiao’s party).

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