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Random, Student-Submitted Country Updates

#1 Governmental Failure in Adanac 126

Submitted by Hoopermelissa

Location: Orangville District Secondary, Orangville, ON.
“The government of Adanac is already failing to protect all of their people do to low electricity. No one knows what they will do any many are doubting their decision making process. Were they really the best choice for our government? See you next time with more gossip to come!”

#2 Citizens of Civania Created Its National Identity

civania_flagSubmitted By: Hayley Ma
School: Iroquois Ridge High School, ON
Location: Oakville, ON
 We are proud to introduce our simulated nation and all its features to the world:
Identifying National Identity
Climate: Temperate
Size: Medium sized Island
Temperature: Day 17-25 Degrees, 10-17 at night
Geographical Features: Waterfall, mountains, forests, beachescivania_animal
Flag: Karina
History: Adam
Animal: Giraferoo (Ben)
Anthem: Paul
Gov. Building: Hayley
Currency: Grams (Fatima)Values: Personal Freedom, Teamwork, Honesty, Independence, Financial Security, Health

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