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Clashing Concepts in Coconut Cove


Written By: Colin Kruger

Simulated Country: CoconutCove
School: Nelson H.S.,
Location: Burlington, ON

Town hall began again this morning, and many different concepts were brought to the table. Some recurring issues, and some new. The current government and the people of Coconut Cove debated on how to confront these changes, in order to assure the betterment of the country A heated debate and even citizens suing each other were some of the highlights of Monday’s town hall. One such event of suing occurred due to the owner of an apartment complex evicting one of the residents without notice. Tempers flared and the government was involved in order to have the issue resolved.

A member of the government gave her on the concept.

“The issue is nonsense and not worth the time of the government. However, we are trying our best to resolve the issue and appease all parties.”

The issue has been considered big enough that a court case has been scheduled between Nada Shaltout and Olivia Dyer. Olivia Dyer says that Nada will be sued a lot of money, and hopes she will learn her lesson.

More Energy to be Produced

In other news, the government has decided to build another power plant, because of the recent shortage. The government has reacted to the public outcry and decided that this is the best possible action and would benefit everyone.

The green party feels that what the government is doing is a good thing and is beneficial, but say that they will do their best to preserve the environment. It seems that this is a win-win for most people, but the country must keep in mind that they must have a balance between what they want, and what they need.

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