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Swaggville – Was it all Just a Party?

Teacher: Ms. Kirsten Anthon
Grade/Course: Civics 10, Grade 10
School: Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School
Location: Mississauga, ON

As we mourn the loss of Swaggville, a 10th Grade Civics course in Mississauga, Ontario, we should take a moment to celebrate the memories its citizens left us with and reflect upon the lessons learned during the two simulated years they existed. Fortunately, two reporters, Ashruti P and Anandi P chronicled the happenings of Swagville in their newspaper, The Swagville Times, leaving us with a permanent reminder of their time in CM World….

It all began with promises, promises.
The JSB party made many lofty promises to the citizens of Swaggville, such as guaranteeing free health services to all, and easily won the elections as the minority party.  But, when many of the Swaggville’s citizens were left without health services, they quickly realized they had fallen for one of the oldest political tricks in the book and that the JSB party had no real intention of making good on its promises.  Once the citizens began protesting the lack of services, the Prime Minister (PM) was left to deal with the fall-out.  Initially, he had no actual plan to fix the situation, but eventually come up with a brilliant idea – give the people free security!  (Really?  As if that was a fair solution!)

The citizens had obviously been taken for a ride.  What could they now do? Fortunately for them, the government had a standing Vote of Non-Confidence law which they could use to their advantage and they did!  According to the Swagville Times, “On Monday, January 16, Opposition leader called in for a Vote of Non-Confidence as the citizens had completely lost faith in their government.” The former PM was forced to give away almost all of the government assets such as money, properties, and businesses. Another election was then held and the Better Democratic Party (BDP) won as minority government.

But the struggles of the citizens of Swaggville were not over yet. The Swagville Times reported that since the BDP was still a minority party, it would have a challenging time getting bills passed in the House of Commons. So, Shamit (MP of the Opposition) joined the BDP and made it a majority government. This meant that the new BDP could now contribute to the country’s progress by being able to introduce new and improved bills.

So whoever said life is just a party?  There always need to be checks and balances to ensure that neither government party gets out of control and loses sight of its duty to benefit the citizens it represents.

Thanks to the awesome reporting of Ashruti P and Anandi P, we won’t ever forget the citizens of Swaggville or their rollercoaster ride with their political parties – because life is what you (and your vote) make of it.

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  1. anna black says:

    why are my people dying?

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