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Street Artists Comment Against Big Health Care

Submitted by Mr. Nick Vassolo,  from Streamwood High School in Illinois, re. the simulated country Kawai’i.

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In the Spring of 2001, at the town hall meeting, calm voices turned panicked and revolutionary in the midst of soaring health care costs. Initial complaints about the high price of health care and the private ownership group’s unwillingness to renegotiate turned into a fit of name calling, and threats of dissolution.

The owners of the Health Care hex were steadfast in their right to set prices wherever they saw fit, and, when threatened with a lawsuit or potential legislation, they retorted with their own defense, citing the 14th Amendment as their main attribute.

This crisis has the potential to create a sea-change in the national elections, as the heath care ownership group is also a major voting bloc in the House of Representatives.

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Citizens of Kawai’i, post your reaction to this story in the comments below.

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