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Right Party Takes Action in Arbour Lake

Written by: Jacks Schoen

Simulated Country: 9C Swage
School: Arbour Lake Middle School
Instructor: Ms. Emily Fischer
Location: Calgary, AB

A new government has been elected in Swage, marking a new beginning for the citizens. Swage is a prosperous and peaceful country unlike its recent history. The previous Government was harsh and restrictive and fought with its citizens. We like to think this positive transition is all due to the success and hard work of the Right Party. Many laws are being passed currently to improve the lives of the Swage citizens.

Some of our citizens are unsure of what will happen as they have no trust in government due to the fact that all they have ever known has been torture and unfair treatment. From what we understand, the majority of citizens that reside in our country are happy with their new government. There have been threats made that if the government is not fast acting, the citizens will overthrow them but all attempts have been put to rest and the government has quickly reassured them of their resolve. We see a bright and prominent future for the floating island of Swage, all thanks to the amazing people within our government known as the Right Party. Their newly appointed Prime Minister, Jacks Schoen, has proven to be worthy for the position along with his fellow cabinet members. The government has lowered taxes and established fair laws that were requested by the people for the people. This country will have a successful future due to the dedication and commitment of its new government.

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4 Responses to Right Party Takes Action in Arbour Lake

  1. my bro says:

    Nice propaganda, I like it!

    You should add more inspirational motto’s like “stronger together” to make it seem more fascist, but 10/10.

  2. Bok Choi says:

    Nice Propaganda, you should add fascist mottos to make it more convincing otherwise people will realize you are a liar.

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