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The Government of Zepheron is Hacked

Written by: Robert Wright

Simulated Country: Zepheron
School: Kwantlen Park Secondary
Instructor: Ms. Sonja van der Putten
Location: Surrey, BC

It was a cold and rainy afternoon in Zepheron , and the government had just finished convening on bills in the house of commons. It then proceeded to spring, and the market was opened for the first time in Zepheron. Everything was going fine (for a few seconds ) until I was approached by one of our fine citizens, asking why the government had offered her 2200$. I was understandably confused, as I was supposed to be the only one with access to the government account, but at that moment I noticed that I too had been offered money, and that around 16 other people had been offered money. Within seconds the government’s 27,000$ had been reduced to only 2000$ and everyone was left guessing who did it. It was at this point I realized that I had lost the sheet of paper that had the password to the government of Zepheron on it. To summarize, all of the government’s money is gone, we don’t know who did it, and they are trying to frame me for the whole thing. In other words, just another day in Zepheron.

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