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Flinterland Citizen is Unrightfully Prosecuted

Written by: Jageur Mackenzie

Simulated Country: Flinterland
School: Meadowridge School
Instructor: Ms. Michelle Flintermann
Location: Maple Ridge, BC

Jageur Mackenzie was prosecuted earlier today because he “unlawfully” re-developed against a law, C-3. Jageur was under the assumption that when David Guo, Member of Parliament, had given him instructions in a Contract. David Guo has traded Jageur 4 surplus E/I units in turn for Jageur to give him a spot in his Apartment, that would be developed after Jageur had used the 4 E/I units to re-develop his units. Then when David had given Jageur permission as a Government member, Jageur had went ahead and re-developed his House in to an Apartment. Then, Jageur was taken to court and prosecuted because he broke a law, but Jageur had no idea that he broke any laws, because he signed a contract with a Government member, allowing him to re-develop his hex. Jageur Mackenzie is now in great debt and is unable to pay it off or get a loan, as most of the class is either poorer than him, or against him.

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One Response to Flinterland Citizen is Unrightfully Prosecuted

  1. Mitchell says:

    Thats your own fault that you didn’t know what the laws were.

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