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More Headlines from NYC High School

The political plot-lines and economic action just keeps churning out of the three Grade 12 economics classes from the Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction in Manhattan, New York, that are using The Civic Mirror. Below Mr. Matt Anderson gives us the latest scoop:


CLOUD 9 (country name)

  • New Energy/Industry (E/I) Power Plant up and running. Stephen, CEO of Energy Industry Hex states, “there is plenty to go around now.”
  • Minji is re-elected as President in a vote of confidence to lead the country back into growth.
  • Government turns its energy towards education and health. Sia agrees, “Yea, education units!” – but others worry about the quality of the environment


  • Citizens desperate for cash welcome the new Welfare Bill set to pay out $600 to anyone with less than $600. Many ask, “Will it be enough?!”
  • “I did it for the benefit of the country!” Darrell explains, as he cleared his forest into a second E/I hex. “I couldn’t wait for the government’s approval, the people needed affordable energy, now they have it.”
  • Government seizes inactive citizen’s assets and redistributes them to active citizens. “The whole economy shouldn’t be pulled down by someone being irresponsible.”

OUTER HAVEN (country name)

  • Newly elected President reveals fascist hidden agenda to citizens. “I want to show you all that I don’t get points for being in the government. I’m only here to make this country work.” Several bills, such as You Can’t Fail, Attendance, and Log In were signed into law during his first day.
  • E/I tug of war ends with Government holding onto the rope. The government states, “We need this to ensure that the country runs smoothly.” Chris.M receives compensation, but asks, “What other choice did I have?”
  • President orders Secret Service Agents to escort foreigners out. “If they’re going to disrupt our country, they aren’t welcomed!”
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