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Mississauga teacher brings Civics 10 to life with Civic Mirror simulation

Ms. Kelly Devenish, a Civics 10 teacher from The Woodlands School n Mississauga, ON, describes a day-in-the-life of her Civics 10 class which uses The Civic Mirror education program.

Just wanted to give you a little synopsis of what went on in our court session today…

As you may remember, Ansa accidentally traded her entire security hex to Zeerak.  Zeerak approached Ansa for the trade for $1500 and through some general miscommunication (i.e., units being referred to as hexes and hexes being referred to as units), she ended up selling it to him for $300.  Being the smart businessman that he is, Zeerak immediately started selling units off as Ansa panicked and emailed me.  I told her that my hands were tied and she had to take him to court!

Ansa hired Saniya and Shaqkeem to act as her lawyers and represent her, while Zeerak opted to use his twin brother, Zain as his lawyer.

Humza, the judge, kept his quiet confidence in the court and didn’t hesitate to question both parties during the trial.  While Zain had the most entertaining defence and did come with some printouts of CM chats fully highlighted, it just didn’t compare to the power point presentation that Saniya came prepared with.  The powerpoint included saved screens of the chat and because of this, she was able to point out, over and over again various points of the conversation.  (yet another example of technology being incredibly useful).

Anyway, after that case, the jury found Zeerak guilty and we are currently awaiting sentencing.  Ansa’s only flaw?  Her attorneys never mentioned seeking compensation for the units that were sold so as I write this, she could be trying to persuade the judge to add that to the sentencing…

‘sigh’ just another day teaching a class that I love.

Kelly Devenish

p.s.  by the way, I forgot to mention Jerry, who proposed a coalition government today in class.  He stated that either a coalition should be formed or we should have a Crisis Vote (i.e. violent revolution).  This allowed me to review what a vote of non-confidence was.  Once all of that was clarified and the class still looked puzzled, I asked Jerry to point out what the differences were in the outcomes that would come out of both situations.  In his best way, he tried to conceal his ulterior motive but was found out!  Nabil of all people called him on it stating in front of everyone, “So you don’t really care which one happens, you just want to be in charge”.  We had the vote of non-confidence anyway and although it was close (like a Quebec referendum), our Prime Minister still stands!”

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One Response to Mississauga teacher brings Civics 10 to life with Civic Mirror simulation

  1. Zain says:

    you forgot to indicate that the jury happened to be rigged, as the second case’s outcome was totally biased!!!!