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Gotsinos Citizens Urged to Move to China

Written by: Samantha R. 

Simulated Country: Gotsinos
School: Nelson High School
Instructor: Ms. Shannon Cote
Location: Burlington, ON

The government of Gotsinos has way to much power and recently passed a law saying “Communism isn’t that bag lets screw over everyone else just for fun”.       Luckily our king decided not to sign the law, but the government still tried to make us follow it.
The national judge has been impeached from his position because people finally realized what we were telling them all along, THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS EXTREMELY BIASED. Even when the “Supreme Chancellor” of Gotsinos was clearly best friends with the old “Supreme Chancellor”, and this was brought up during the election, people still voted for the party that they wanted impeached, because it had a different name.

Everyone in Gotsinos is screwed unless you are the Supreme Chancellor, so we should to China or North Korea where their dictators aren’t as bad as our Supreme Chancellor.

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