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Boland Has Confidence In Their Government

Written by: Quinn Gauder

Simulated Country: Boland
School: Abbey Park High School
Instructor: Ms. Lauretta Weir
Location: Oakville, ON

The Government of Boland has recently passed a monumental bill.

During the years 2000-2002 a total of 2 votes of non-confidence were made just because the first bill to be addressed on legislation day wasn’t well received. On top of that one unfinished bill was passed into legislation just because the government in power was afraid of non-confidence. Because of the ruckus caused by these non-confidence votes, the government rarely had time to pass any essential bills.

Recently, after a re-election caused by a vote of non-Confidence, the United Buddies of Boland with the full support of the opposition passed a bill stating that if a situation that previously required a re-election, or a few MP’s to cross the floor, (a.k.a. Non Confidence) occurs this will now lead to an actual vote of all MP’s on whether or not a re-election should occur. This is a momentous occasion as the government was actually able to pass one more helpful law directly after the aforementioned bill was passed.

Boland no longer has strings holding it back from its true potential.

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2 Responses to Boland Has Confidence In Their Government

  1. INEEDTOKNOW says:

    Plz, tell me Boland is from Poland… I need an answer

    • Quinn Gauder says:

      Unfortunately no ): Boland is on an island shaped like a bowl with a volcano in the centre. The island is supposed to be somewhere between Greenland and the equator… you’re right, Boland should become part of Poland…