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“Day”-ja Vu?

Written by: Bushra Alimerdan

Simulated Country: Rawrlandia XD
School: Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary
Instructor: Mr. Nikola Pijanovic
Location: Burlington, ON

Rawrlandia- Friday afternoon was the start of a revolution, the recent impeachment of former PM Aleksa Grucijic allowed for Michael Day to rise to power. However skeptics have started to inquire whether or not Day will truly be a source of change, or if he is just another dictator set to rule Rawrlandia.

The citizens of Rawrlandia have faced many compelling issues, however no matter who comes to power the trust will never be restored. Day has allowed for citizens to stay alive by taking important initiatives in supporting welfare. However when taking a look back former PM Grucijic was not one to kick a man while he was down either. Bushra Alimerdan, 32, is an active skeptic and does not trust Day as a reliable PM. Alimerdan stated her distaste for the new government “A man that has impeached his own friend, his own colleague, his own partner, will not spare your life. He might have you fooled right now, but it won’t be much longer before we experience the same troubles again.”

According to a recent study done by the Rawrlandia State Financial Bureau of Income and Savings, only 25% of Rawrlandian citizens have shown to have an increase in savings, whilst a whopping 70% have either went bankrupt or are set to become bankrupt. Citizens have had an outcry whether it was for prices on Insurance, Security or just plain Food, the citizens of Rawrlandia are no longer able to sustain themselves without state support. Kiran Bola, 34, has stated her amusement with the new financial flexibility like this “I’m finally not broke anymore, I didn’t even need to find a job, this is great!”

The issues facing Rawrlandia are posing a great threat, and need to be solved before another Grucijic evolves from the cut.

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