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North Ikea Adopts A Superior System of Governing

Written by: Colin McIntosh

Simulated Country: North Ikea
School: College Place Middle School
Instructor: Ms. Lisa Shearer
Location: Lynnwood, WA

After Jenny G killed off 49 people, the Citizens of North Ikea thought Democracy wasn’t so good after all, and switched to a Communist/Socialist Dictatorship. The National Identity was changed to reflect the politics of the Current political system. It got this way because Colin McIntosh pushed a Crisis Vote, getting it through changing North Ikea. North Ikea is now really more like North Korea, but with less starvation. This has made our country run much better and much more Fascist, which has a net effect of making our country have: less deaths, less Capitalists, and less Emojis. The new North Ikea is much better. North Ikea changed it’s Constitution. North Ikea adopted a system akin to that of the Soviet Union. Everything is running smoothly!

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2 Responses to North Ikea Adopts A Superior System of Governing

  1. NicholasA[Hilland] says:

    Glad there are less emojis, those are really annoying.

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