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Archiving “Toehio”, A CM Country from Madison, WI

Simulated Country: Toehio
School: Shabazz-city High
Instructor: Mr. Aaron Kaio
Location: Madison, WI

We received an abundance of great news articles from the students at Shabazz-city High that we decided that we postively had to publish them all.


– – –

Town Hall Tensions

Written By: Arin Olson, May 26th, 2017

Tensions were high today during the 2nd half of Toehio’s second annual Town council meeting. The first topic of discussion was brought up by citizen Adam, who made mention of his failed charity that was sabotaged by citizen Adam. The Charities intention was to “get some money from people to buy Jake a River”, but it was later discovered to be a ruse for citizen Adam to further his own political Agenda. Afterwards citizen Elliot was accused by multiple citizens, including Zoe, Jonas and Andrew, of purposefully skipping market day so that he did not have to follow the new law and give away free food to citizens who needed it. This was later found to be not true as an unaffiliated witness agreed with Elliot that he had not not meant to skip market day, but that instead he had suffered from illness including a high fever.

Citizen Elliot later takes up the stage in one of the most controversial debates in Toehioan History, accusing the the Government itself of conspiracy and corruption. Elliot stated that he planned to sue the Toehioan government for conspiring against him in his trial and for forcing the judge, Benson, to lie under oath, he demands $2000 and the return of his powerplants as compensation. Citizens Benson has joined forces with Elliot because they claimed that they were forced to lie about working with Elliot during his trial because they were under threat of impeachment. Benson also admitted to having worked with Elliot secretly during the trial, and Elliot agreed that he had worked with them. President Andrew claimed he had no knowledge of any government conspiracy, and that Benson was not forced by an outside party to do anything, citizen Zoe accused Benson of lying during the discussion because they had already lied during the trial. It was later discovered that citizen Emma(who was not present at the time) told Benson that they would be impeached if they did not say Elliot had bribed them.


Trial of the Week

Written By: Arin Olson, May 30th, 2017

Excitement stirred the air today as the trial was about to begin. The trial was between the prosecution, citizen Elliot (who’s representing himself in the trial), demanding an appeal of the previous court case where he lost his power plants. Elliot claims the Government conspired against him to take his power plant and forced one of the witnesses to lie under oath. Standing in the Government’s defense was citizen Emma who pleads innocent of any corruption or conspiracy.

Elliot claims the government (knowingly or unknowingly) allowed the Attorney General(Emma) to force his witness(Benson) to lie under oath during his trial, which caused him to lose his power plants.
Elliot calls his first witness, Benson, to the stand. Benson admits that their testimony in the previous trial was false and that they were pressured to say that they were working against Elliot by the Attorney General. Emma then cross-examines Benson, who admits that only around 12% of their testimony during the trial was truthful, which lead Emma to accuse Benson of lying on the stand.

Emma calls former judge, citizen Django, to the stand. Django agrees that Benson testimony did not affect the outcome of the trial. Elliot cross-examines Django and says that Django did not have any part in the decision of that trial, Elliot then calls Benson back to the stand to confirm what they had already said.
Emma calls President Andrew to the stand. Andrew states he and the government had no knowledge of any coercion with Benson or any conspiracy against Elliot. Elliot cross-examines Andrew and claims he has no idea what he is doing, which causes Emma to object, saying Elliot was taking things out of context.

Elliot claims Andrew and Django to be incompetent. Emma claims Benson can’t be trusted and that Elliot was a victim of Benson’s false testimony, saying he should be given his power plant back. After a voting in the Jury, Judge Toby’s verdict is that the previous trial’s verdict stands.


Toehio Declares War On Mookistan

Written By: Skylar Bull-Lyon, May 31th, 2017

Ladies, gentlemen, and citizens of Toehio, the time has come for us to rise up against our neighbors to the north, Moockistan. They are the true oppressors of the Toehioans, whether Big Toe or Small Toe, whether Gecko or Chromian. We must unite against the filthy, repugnant, unearthly Moockistanians.

First they took our chrome, then they ate our women, and finally they killed Bubba Duke Michelle. Poor Bubba, her wife still weeps every day for Bubba, may she rest in peace. Until Bubba’s wife, Joe Joe the Dancing Dude, stops using all of our tears, papers and eating our frozen milk. Her loss, our loss, cannot go unpunished.

Moockistan be warned we are coming for you, one day, you will learn why our slogan is Nailed it! You will know our icy hatred, you will feel the Chrome. Today, I, First Lady Skylar Bull Lyon, declares war on Moockistan.


First Lady Skylar B. Lyon Under Fire For Adultry Accusations

Written By: Toby Louther, May 31th, 2017

According to shocking new intel from several reliable sources, First Lady Skylar B. Lyon has been caught canoodling with a new man. Allegedly, she was seen in a park chatting amorously with a handsome fellow by the name of Dick Vanderslyke – some informants even state that they held hands.

Reportedly, Skylar and President Andrew had been having relationship troubles. The two had been appearing together in public less frequently and displaying less affection to each other. Purportedly, there have been fights. Ostensibly, there have been divorce papers drafted but, according to reliable sources, they have not yet been put into effect. Certainly after this alleged scandal they will be filed posthaste.

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