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Dangers Erupt In Hexico

Written by: Khadeeja Naseer

Simulated Country: Hexico
School: Milton District High School
Instructor: Ms. Christina Paquette
Location: Milton, ON

Scandals and corruption exists in many countries, however, in a country run by teenagers, it is bound to occur frequently. In Hexicos, it was found that secret alliances and conspiracies almost tore the country apart. The prime minister’s money making scheme wherein after being impeached, he transferred all the government’s money and property to his own account. The E.I owner’s plan to build a farm and starve the citizens until he gets the money he desires. And the apartment owner’s plan to not power his apartment until he gets sky high prices were all conspiracies that occurred in Hexicos within a span of two days. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

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