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Killer(s) On The Loose In The Futo Republic!

Written by: Matthew Kerridge

Simulated Country: Futo Republic
School: Glebe Collegiate Institute
Instructor: Ms. Sam Souannhaphanh
Location: Ottawa, ON

During the last trading day something truly evil occurred in the Futo Republic a person starved to death, because of the negligence of one or both of the food hex’s owners. One or both of the food hex’s owners let one or multiple citizens buy multiple food units from them. Our country has 24 citizens one of which never shows up to class, we also have 24 units when trading day starts, so logically everyone who shows up to class should get one food unit yet this is not the case as one of our citizen’s family member starved to death. The government has put in no effort to find these citizens, and one of the food hex’s owner Andi went on record saying that he will not show anyone his sales log; so as of this moment we still have citizens who have committed murder on the loose.

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