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Swage Littered With Corruption As The Prime Minister Destroys The Country

Written by: Francis Mcgee

Simulated Country: Swage
School: Arbour Lake Middle School
Instructor: Ms. Emily Fischer
Location: Calgary, AB

As we hit the turn of the century, Swage experienced its first taste of democracy which now seems to be a bitter one. As the election rolled on and voting stations were set up, the people of Swage resorted to bitter partisan lines to try to justify their votes and their parties. As the Right wing “Right Party” used corrosive language to pit people against each other to their advantage, the left-leaning “Paper Towel Party (PTP)” tried to bring people together. But in the end with a close election (with some allegations of fraud) the Right party won a minority government with one vote. As time marched on the Right Party repeatedly tried to destroy democracy by forcing the government to be the jury, forcibly amending the PTP re-election clause to a later and later date. And then just as they seized power they nationalized all hexes keeping the money for the government officials leaving none for the people. Then they broke their own law which prohibited extra food consumption by consuming 5 food while they complained about other people eating too much food.

Many voices for change have been crushed by the “Right Parties” fierce censorship and propaganda campaign, stepping on the right to free speech under Swages constitution. The “Right Party” also repeatedly claimed to have made laws that were in fact made by the PTP, but then they go the extra mile and destroy these laws promoting equality and better economic conditions. SWAGE NEEDS CHANGE NOW, THE OPPRESSIVE RIGHT PARTY DESTROYS FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS WHILE MURDERING THEIR OWN INNOCENT CIVILIANS.


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