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Qwerty Government Shockingly Seizes E/I Hexes

Written by: Daniel Garepis-Holland, Jake Sawyer, and Oscar Barnes

Simulated Country: Qwerty
School: College of San Mateo
Instructor: Mr. Lee Miller
Location: San Mateo, CA

In the great nation of Qwerty, President Liam T. has decided to seize the Energy/Industry hex from its owner Oscar B. Since the founding of our nation, Liam has vociferously accused Oscar of charging exorbitant prices for energy. Oscar says that he originally charged $1300 for one unit of power, but if people were not happy he would lower it to as little as $750. However, he also says that some people paid as much as $2000 for one unit of power (this was at the very beginning. So our president decided to take over the hex to make sure the prices were cheaper and everybody could afford them. The government sent out an email where they told the public to extend the presidential term to 4 years so that the government will not be taken over. He also told the public that once the power hex is seized, power would be sold at $100. In a later email message, he said that the price he offered was $10,000. Soon after, the president seized the power plant. Citizen Mateo decided to send an email out criticizing the government for seizing the property. This was one of the most exciting events in our week in Qwerty.


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