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Hectic Election in Ratatouille!

Written by: Joshua.G

Simulated Country: Ratatouille
School: South Colchester Academy

Instructor: Ms. Shannon Clancey
Location: Brookfield, Nova Scotia

The 3 Parties in the simulated country Ratatouille at South Colchester Academy in Brookfield, NS were preparing for their super close election. The parties included (i) La Gousteau, (ii) Ratatata, and (iii) White House Down, and every single citizen of the country was actively involved with one of the parties.

Reportedly, during the election, the leader of White House Down joked about seeing the ballot that an MP runner from La Gousteau was using. This resulted in the leader of La Gousteau announcing that this MP will be taken to court if it’s proven that the election was fixed and/or messed with.

Also during the election, tenisons were high. I, myself, was having a pounding heart. Questions flew and people voted. The leader of White House Down got into an argument with a MP runner from Ratatata, and a another MP Runner from Ratatata was told that if he laid hands on someone, he’ll be kicked out. The leader of White House Down seemed to be very calm and joked around whilst the counting was going on, The leader of Ratatata was also calm. Leader of La Gousteau was very tense.

Eventually, everybody finished voting, the election officer counted and called it in, and it was a blind vote for the last MP for Ratatata or La Gousteau, which went to La Gousteau.

The MPS were spilt 3 La Gousteau, 1 for Ratatata, and 3 for White House Down. Tomorrow will be a 1v1 run-off election to determine who the Prime Minister of Ratatouille will be.


The re vote to see who’d win: La Gousteau or White House Down, was held today to high stakes. The leader of White House Down was reportedly disruptive, Campaigning during voting and not shaking the Leader of La Gosuteau’s hand, as well as making a mess on the leader of Ratatata Party’s shoe!
Apparently, White House Down attempted to form connections, to which it wasn’t clear if it worked or not. An absentee from the first vote was also going to vote for La Gousteau. This seasoned reporter voted for La Gousteau.
White House Down tried to corral votes for him, joking about having himself and others vote for the leader of La Gousteau, and also joked that a supporter for the La Gousteau party couldn’t spell their own name!
The last votes came in and it was called. La Gousteau to White House Down, 14:10. The leader of the Party La Gosteau was ecstatic and giddy about winning, the future may look bright.

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BZ’s Wingstop’s First Year – Boston College High School

Written by: Eli

Simulated Country: BZ Wingstop
School: Boston College High School

Instructor: Mr. Gartside
Location: Boston, MA

The simulated Year 2000 has come and gone for BZ’s Wingstop, a Civic Mirror country from Boston College High School, and by many in the country, it was considered a great success. From the first election to the final day, join me as we take a look at BZ’s Wingstop’s historic first year.

We start off at the election. The candidates for president are Quinn, Enzo, Brayden, and Eamon, the senate candidates are Ian, Eli, Caleb, and Josh, and the candidates for the House are Andrew, Michael M, Tyler, Seamus, Teddy, Grayson, and Raymond. In the Senate, Ian, Eli, and Caleb get elected with Eli as the Senate President. Andrew, Tyler, Raymond, Seamus, and Michael M get elected to the House, Michael M being the speaker. However, the race for President is a tie between Enzo and Quinn, so there has to be a coin flip to decide the winner. Quinn wins, and becomes the president, concluding the first election.

The hex auction happens, with the government getting the Energy/Industry (E/I) and Education hexes. Gary gets one farm, but gets the other later. Ian gets an apartment, but will also get a second later, and Michael F gets the final apartment. The Government Event happens (Winter 2000), and two major laws passed are the Green River Protection act and the controversial Privacy in trade act. Immediately after, the market opens and everyone begins trading. Prices for E/I are $800; food and health are $400; and Education is $100. Towards the end of the trading, Teddy realizes that all his Safety units will disappear at the end of the year, so he drops his prices from $1,000 to $250.

At the end of the year, all units have been consumed except one extra food for Michael M, and everyone has a powered place to live except Teddy. The final country score is a 6.2 / 10, which ranks 19th in Civic Mirror World, and a couple bad wild cards result in 3 citizens having family deaths. At the end of everything, Raymond has the most WB points with 50, and Eli, Enzo, and Tyler are tied for the most SPs with 15.

BZ’s Wingstop had a great first year, but there have been some controversies in the government, and we will see how that that goes.

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CM Country “9H22” in Economic Shambles

Written by: Cohen

Simulated Country: 9H22
School: Prescott Learning Centre

Instructor: Ms. Christy Haggarty
Location: Spruce Grove, AB

9H22 is currently facing a severe economic crisis, with inflation reaching unprecedented levels. The country’s annual inflation rate is currently over 700%, the highest it has been since the collapse of the 9H22 dollar.

This high inflation has led to a sharp decline in the purchasing power of the population, with prices for basic goods and services skyrocketing. Many citizens are struggling to afford even the most basic necessities, and are being forced to cut back on food and medical expenses.

The government, which is already facing political and economic turmoil, has been unable to effectively address the crisis. Efforts to stabilize the currency and rein in inflation have so far been unsuccessful, and many experts fear that the situation may continue to deteriorate.

The country’s economy, once a relatively strong one in Africa, has been in decline for decades, with high unemployment, a lack of foreign investment, and a shortage of basic goods all contributing to the current crisis. In addition, years of political instability, mismanagement and corruption have made the issue worse.

The impact of inflation is being felt by all segments of society, but it is hitting the poorest and most vulnerable the hardest. Many are unable to access basic goods and services, and with rising food prices, hunger is becoming more widespread.

The international community is also increasingly concerned about the situation in 9H22, with some calling for the government to take urgent action to address the economic crisis. However, there is no easy solution to the country’s problems, and it is likely to take significant time and effort to stabilize the economy and bring inflation under control.

It’s important to note that the above information on 9H22 is not updated, my last knowledge cut off is 2021, I recommend looking for recent updated information if you want to know more about the present situation of the inflation in 9H22.

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Deeahharr’s Economy is Pointlessly Dying Due to Its Own People.

Written by: Zaeem Ajwad
Simulated Country: Deeahharr
School: Glenview Park Secondary
Instructor: Ms. Madison Colbeck
Location: Cambridge, ON

It’s obvious that some of Deeahharr’s citizens have no idea about the game, neither have they read enough to understand what a revolution does.

There was, indeed a mistake made by the PM, who covered up for it with the same amount of money loaned from the government, and then represented the citizens fairly, as a good PM does.

Some blind citizens want to overlook the fact that what the PM did with his personal account was NOT ILLEGAL, as there were no laws set at the time. These blind citizens were once told that if they don’t like someone in power, and the people in power (government) did something absolutely detestable, then the citizens can come together to “revolutionize” and kill off the government, replacing it with a new one. These very people, who got obsessed with the idea of a new government (not thinking for a moment as to whether this new government was going to be worse), suggested that the PM should be impeached! These citizens stood tall and acted brave but once asked to define impeachment, went silent, looking around to others for an answer. For all the citizens reading this, let me remind you that when you revolutionize, democracy is being DESTROYED. Property? Destroyed. Money? Gone. Lives? Also gone. The very people revolutionizing, could end up as the ones with their property lost. Deeahharr, because of some of it’s citizen’s mindset, is going to fall. Forever.

Remember, in Deeahharr, the government is not corrupt, but is only trying to help the citizens out. Choose properly.

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VZDT wins Decision in DustinVille, takes 4-Seat Government

Written by: Cole Franchuk
Simulated Country: DustinVille
School: Archbishop Joseph Macneil
Instructor: Mr. Curtis Farley
Location: Edmonton, AB

The Vote Zoe Dummies Party has prevailed in a close election in DustinVille, taking 4 seats and control of the government. VZDT candidate Colby Zelt took a landslide victory with 48 points. A crushed Democratic Party of Dustinville will now be forced to elect a new leader, as current leader Dominik Vrbanek was ousted in his seat by the VZDT’s Anthony Shibata. VZDT leader Zoe Reid has taken her seat and won the position of Prime Minister of DustinVille for the 2000 election, promising to stabilize our energy and food crises while keeping taxes at an affordable rate. Can her party save us from an impending energy emergency?

UPDATE: The Democrats have officially declared their new leader to be MP Riley Grant, hoping for a charismatic new face to improve their party’s standing and to push for change as opposition leader.

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N’gagwu’s First Legislative Process!

Written by: Mike He

Simulated Country: N’gagwu
School: Sir Winston Churchill Secondary
Instructor: Mr. Devon Richards
ocation: Vancouver, BC

At 10AM today, the nation had its very first house of commons in history. The house passed the first few bills on the environment, social issues, taxes, and healthcare.

The first issue was education, healthcare and other social issues. The government said that they would provide social units for those whose total assets are below 1500 dollars, but the opposition asked how is the government going to distribute those necessities when there is greater demand than supply.

The government then simply answered, No hex, no problem.

The bill was passed by a vote of 3:2 when there was a tie between the government and the opposition parties and the speaker of the house voted for the government.

The other bill before the recess was the bill C-5, which is on the environment.
The bill focused on how the government is going to manage and regulate the development of the green hexes. The government declared that any development needs to be approved by the government, and if the holder of the developed hex obliges the hex, the government will retake the hex from the owner and nationalize it.

After a short recess, the house resumed with the questions by the opposition parties. Tessa, leader of the National People’s Party, questioned the government on what are they going to do to make sure that the government does not abuse its power and use the environmental excuse to take away any hexes they want?

The bill came to a draw again during the voting process, and it got passed with two votes from the government and one vote from the speaker of the house versus two votes from the opposition parties.

Then, in the house of commons, they discussed about the last bill of personal well being and taxes. The income of a person with hexes (green hexes will not be counted) will have an extra tax. Also, people with a total assets more than 15000 dollars will have another additional 15% tax.

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Stonehaivn Hex Auction in Chaos

Written by: John Sarnelli

Simulated Country: Stonehaivn
School: Ohr Eliyahu Academy
Instructor: Mr. Robert Lipman
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Stonehaivn’s hex auction turns to chaos when three kids decide to pool their money together. The three kids had a total of over thirteen thousand dollars while the government had less.

The government did not like that and when ‘The three musketeers” tried to buy an apartment, the class turned chaotic and started arguing whether this sort of transaction was allowed.
Later, the government made the law specifically saying in the email that “No bogus transactions” would be tolerated. While no one knows for sure some think that the government is corrupt, and that this law was enacted because of jealousy.

After the issue was sorted out, the money was given back to their rightful owners, the auction started and was running smoothly, until, one of “The three musketeers,” who was a member of the government bid against the government for healthcare. The government won the bid but now they do not have enough money for E/I.

We live in a democracy and the government handled the situation with “The three musketeers” was not democratic! The remaining question to consider is whether the Stonehaivn government is corrupt. Let us hope that it is not because then the entire country will fall to shambles.

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The Lizzolandia Tribune


Simulated Country: Lizzolandia
School: Harold Panabaker Jr High School
Instructor: Ms. Loretta Lock
Location: Calgary, AB

Written by: Kaitlyn G.

2001 End of Year Reports

The end of year reports for 2001 conclude that 12 citizens have died this past year. This is a very drastic change from the mortality rate of last year. In 2000, there were double the amount of deaths than there were in 2001. Lizzolandia is going towards the right direction in terms of making units more affordable for those who need it.

The deaths of Lizzolandia are occurring for a few different reasons. Only five deaths in Lizzolandia are due to food, three deaths are from no shelter, two from wildcards and two from unpowered shelters. Also, there have been four serious medical emergencies in 2001.

Medical emergencies can be best prevented from health units. Health, insurance and safety are all ways that citizens can be protected from these occurrences. Even though the death rates from food, shelter and unpowered shelters had dropped significantly, there are still ways we can prevent future deaths from the same cause. Lizzolandia has done well in trying to ensure that every citizen has food, and the amount of deaths regarding this has been reduced, but there are still a few people without it. Some shelters are still needing to be powered, and they should be top priority for the time being. A few citizens are still in need of homes, and this needs to be addressed.

Obituary of 2001

Grant: No Food
E: No Food
Y: No Shelter
Spoiler: No Food
Batman: No Shelter
Elon Musk: Wild Card
Evelyn: Unpowered Shelter
Smithers: No Food
Havyen Hackenbroeck: No Food
Vanessa: Die Roll of 12
David Rittich: Unpowered Shelter
Cousin: No Shelter


Written by: Brooklyn Scheck

In the most recent election that took place in the winter season, the People’s Party of Lizzolandia and the Midwing Party debated their political platforms and convinced the people of their ideology.

The election results showed that Alfred and his MP’s would become the government and that Addy and Cat would become the official opposition. Because Alfred is in power, some of his policies in place to govern the country include government owned healthcare, security, nature and E/I hexes. His goal in power is to manage affairs efficiently and as fairly as possible without implementing laws to guarantee equal pay, etc. Addy’s policies revolve around 100% equality. How is this actually reasonable when some citizens aren’t earning what they receive and are simply consuming units that other citizens would work hard for? The Midwing policies create undeserving opportunity for those who have inadequate work ethic, which is a hardship for society. Despite the fact that all citizens are viewed the same in the perspective of Midwing supporters which may be beneficial in some cases, some citizens work harder for their income while others procrastinate. Is this actually beneficial to society or is it something that must be challenged?


Written by: Nic D.

Ever since the election, people’s perspectives have been divided. After Prime Minister Jiao won the recent election, a small group of Lizzolandia’s citizens was dismayed due to the lack of professionalism and possible violation.

In Prime Minister Jiao’s campaign, he indirectly said that the government will establish communism in Lizzolandia. This has garnered some criticism among Lizzolandia’s citizens. One of the Midwing MPs said that apparently, the PM has jokingly infringed on Addy’s freedom of conscience and religion in their recent debate. They say that they might open up a court trial in the near future since, fortunately, they already have a full case ready to go.

Will this end on the impeachment of Prime Minister Jiao? Or will the rule of the PM Alfred Jiao continue?

“They are clearly not serious about governing us! Why did they even try to run for Parliament?” a Lizzolandia citizen quoted.


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An Intense Election in Radish

Written by: Zach Harnack

Simulated Country: Radish
School: Beiseker Community School
Instructor: Ms. Amy Milaney
Location: Beiseker, AB

After all political parties were formed, things quickly seemed to get exciting as the election campaigns swung into motion. Everybody in said parties were working as hard as they could to try and win favor over the people of Radish. Although, some got into heated arguments with their party leaders, disagreeing with what they had planned to do. They remained diligent and thus assisted their fellow members in campaign preparation.

Shortly, all posters were hung up along the walls and lockers of the school’s high school wing. It was clear to all who saw them, that there were three parties in the upcoming election.

The socialist party, Those Guys.

The fascist party, Cheeseburger and Fries.

And the conservative party, Bellerina Babe Clan.

Each one of them wanted to take the spot at the top, but only one would make it there.

The class was informed by the teacher of the time of the election, March 2nd, where the parties would state their plans to their class, and others. Afterwards, they would be given ten minutes to respond to questions asked by the spectators. Everyone was nervous about what they would say, and how they would say it. It took a weekend of writing, practicing, scrapping, and repeating for each running member to get their version of a perfect speech.

Then, Monday came. All throughout the morning you could hear little whispers coming from people of class 9B, as they questioned each other on if they had perfected their script. Lunch was quiet though, too quiet coming from a usually loud class. Then it happened, the bell sounded, and it was time for the election.

All invited classes, including 9B, all flooded into the room of the event. Members from each party went to the front to present their parties views on how the country should be run, and questions followed. It was a struggle for all parties involved each being asked questions that they were not prepared for. In the end, the voters chose a clear winner. The minority government of Those Guys.

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Possibility of Taxes Not Being Input

Written by: Catalina S.

Simulated Country: Lizzolandia
School: Harold Panabaker Jr High School
Instructor: Ms. Loretta Lock
Location: Calgary, AB

“We need taxes for healthcare and education,” quoted Ms. McDonald. “It needs to go towards all that, and to make sure everyone has what they need to live. We need taxes for that.”

Save for a 10% global sales tax, Mr. Jiao has removed all other taxes. He’s stated that the 10% is enough to pay for what is needed to keep citizens alive and well, though some citizens are doubtful of his claim; taxes have long been used by the government to invest in the military, social security, healthcare, agricultural benefits and veteran benefits. They also go to help families who are under government funding, and to keep conditions inside of prisons stable and healthy for the prisoners.

However, this, in turn, prevents a repetition of a protest similar to that of the Boston Tea Party (December 16, 1773) in the U.S, which was a protest by against the Tea Act (passed May 10, 1773) that forced the people of Boston to pay taxes for tea, and allowed the East India Company to sell tea from China in America without paying taxes (save for the ones demanded by the Townshend Acts; 1767 – 1768).

“High taxes means more benefit for well being,” said Mr. Fusick, a member of the UPP (Mr. Jiao’s party).

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