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BZ’s Wingstop’s First Year – Boston College High School

Written by: Eli

Simulated Country: BZ Wingstop
School: Boston College High School

Instructor: Mr. Gartside
Location: Boston, MA

The simulated Year 2000 has come and gone for BZ’s Wingstop, a Civic Mirror country from Boston College High School, and by many in the country, it was considered a great success. From the first election to the final day, join me as we take a look at BZ’s Wingstop’s historic first year.

We start off at the election. The candidates for president are Quinn, Enzo, Brayden, and Eamon, the senate candidates are Ian, Eli, Caleb, and Josh, and the candidates for the House are Andrew, Michael M, Tyler, Seamus, Teddy, Grayson, and Raymond. In the Senate, Ian, Eli, and Caleb get elected with Eli as the Senate President. Andrew, Tyler, Raymond, Seamus, and Michael M get elected to the House, Michael M being the speaker. However, the race for President is a tie between Enzo and Quinn, so there has to be a coin flip to decide the winner. Quinn wins, and becomes the president, concluding the first election.

The hex auction happens, with the government getting the Energy/Industry (E/I) and Education hexes. Gary gets one farm, but gets the other later. Ian gets an apartment, but will also get a second later, and Michael F gets the final apartment. The Government Event happens (Winter 2000), and two major laws passed are the Green River Protection act and the controversial Privacy in trade act. Immediately after, the market opens and everyone begins trading. Prices for E/I are $800; food and health are $400; and Education is $100. Towards the end of the trading, Teddy realizes that all his Safety units will disappear at the end of the year, so he drops his prices from $1,000 to $250.

At the end of the year, all units have been consumed except one extra food for Michael M, and everyone has a powered place to live except Teddy. The final country score is a 6.2 / 10, which ranks 19th in Civic Mirror World, and a couple bad wild cards result in 3 citizens having family deaths. At the end of everything, Raymond has the most WB points with 50, and Eli, Enzo, and Tyler are tied for the most SPs with 15.

BZ’s Wingstop had a great first year, but there have been some controversies in the government, and we will see how that that goes.

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