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Stonehaivn Hex Auction in Chaos

Written by: John Sarnelli

Simulated Country: Stonehaivn
School: Ohr Eliyahu Academy
Instructor: Mr. Robert Lipman
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Stonehaivn’s hex auction turns to chaos when three kids decide to pool their money together. The three kids had a total of over thirteen thousand dollars while the government had less.

The government did not like that and when ‘The three musketeers” tried to buy an apartment, the class turned chaotic and started arguing whether this sort of transaction was allowed.
Later, the government made the law specifically saying in the email that “No bogus transactions” would be tolerated. While no one knows for sure some think that the government is corrupt, and that this law was enacted because of jealousy.

After the issue was sorted out, the money was given back to their rightful owners, the auction started and was running smoothly, until, one of “The three musketeers,” who was a member of the government bid against the government for healthcare. The government won the bid but now they do not have enough money for E/I.

We live in a democracy and the government handled the situation with “The three musketeers” was not democratic! The remaining question to consider is whether the Stonehaivn government is corrupt. Let us hope that it is not because then the entire country will fall to shambles.

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