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An Intense Election in Radish

Written by: Zach Harnack

Simulated Country: Radish
School: Beiseker Community School
Instructor: Ms. Amy Milaney
Location: Beiseker, AB

After all political parties were formed, things quickly seemed to get exciting as the election campaigns swung into motion. Everybody in said parties were working as hard as they could to try and win favor over the people of Radish. Although, some got into heated arguments with their party leaders, disagreeing with what they had planned to do. They remained diligent and thus assisted their fellow members in campaign preparation.

Shortly, all posters were hung up along the walls and lockers of the school’s high school wing. It was clear to all who saw them, that there were three parties in the upcoming election.

The socialist party, Those Guys.

The fascist party, Cheeseburger and Fries.

And the conservative party, Bellerina Babe Clan.

Each one of them wanted to take the spot at the top, but only one would make it there.

The class was informed by the teacher of the time of the election, March 2nd, where the parties would state their plans to their class, and others. Afterwards, they would be given ten minutes to respond to questions asked by the spectators. Everyone was nervous about what they would say, and how they would say it. It took a weekend of writing, practicing, scrapping, and repeating for each running member to get their version of a perfect speech.

Then, Monday came. All throughout the morning you could hear little whispers coming from people of class 9B, as they questioned each other on if they had perfected their script. Lunch was quiet though, too quiet coming from a usually loud class. Then it happened, the bell sounded, and it was time for the election.

All invited classes, including 9B, all flooded into the room of the event. Members from each party went to the front to present their parties views on how the country should be run, and questions followed. It was a struggle for all parties involved each being asked questions that they were not prepared for. In the end, the voters chose a clear winner. The minority government of Those Guys.

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