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What is The Civic Mirror?

Imagine a 12th Grade class so exciting that every student showed up on senior skip day because they didn’t want to miss the action. Imagine a civics class where students laughed about how addicting it was? Imagine a history class where students spent their lunch hour negotiating out-of-court settlements, legislative wordings, and business deals?

These are true stories.These are Civic Mirror stories. Unlike most social studies programs that ask students to learn about things, The Civic Mirror allows students to experimentwith the course content. It provides students with a voice and enlivens the curriculum by turning them into citizens of their own country, with their own families, government, court, economy, and environment.

The Civic Mirror also makes it easy for teachers to be dynamic and effective. Because the website and companion manuals provide teachers everything they need, it literally save hours upon hours of hair-pulling time trying to innovate, and it virtually guarantees student participation in the classroom.

Watch the Civic Mirror Trailer