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U.S. Content

The Civic Mirror is a robust simulation-based program, well-suited for courses in government, economics, law, and anything to do with citizens or citizenship. Below are resources showing how the program can be used to meet huge swaths of U.S. curricular outcomes:

  • U.S. Government (Regular or AP)

    This course outline and scope & sequence shows how to build an entire U.S. Government course around the Civic Mirror, providing students with their own mini-version of the U.S. political-legal system they are studying.

  • Intro to Economics

    This course pack shows how close to 100% of the learning outcomes in most “Intro to Economics” courses can be met with Civic Mirror and any old text.

  • U.S. History Courses

    Teacher-generated ideas on how the Civic Mirror fits with U.S. History courses from Independence to early 20th Century, some of  which are absolutely brilliant.

  • California’s Grade 12 Government & Economics Course

    The Civic Mirror’s fit with California’s Grade 12 Government & Economics course is excellent and provides simulated equivalents for virtually every unit of study.

  • CM as a Technology Initiative

    Outlines why Civic Mirror should be used as a “Technology in Instruction” initiative. Curricular alignment with the Technology Standards Project included.

  • Ancient Civilization (Middle School)

    Shares ideas of how Civic Mirror can be used as an experiential lab/sandbox that the students could use to better understand the lofty concepts of society, law, and governance in the civilizations they are asked to learn about.