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Canadian Content

  • Ontario’s Civics 10 OPEN

    Check out our Civics 10 course pack that shows how Civic Mirror and our learning modules can be used to experientially meet almost all of the new CHV20 learning outcomes in 5-8 weeks.

  • CM as a Technology Initiative

    Outlines why the Civic Mirror should be used as a “Technology in Instruction” initiative to promote educational change and improve student interest and engagement with the curriculum. Curricular fit with the Technology Standards Project included.

  • Alberta’s Grade 9 Social Studies

    The fit between Alberta’s Social Studies 9 course and the Civic Mirror is outstanding! The learning modules and game-based learning platform brings the citizenship themes of this course to life unlike any other program.

  • Ontario Curricular Alignments

    The Civic Mirror can be used in a wide variety of Ontario social studies courses. This page contains an index curricular fits between the Civic Mirror and Ontario Social Studies courses.

  • Economics

    This course pack shows how close to 100% of the learning outcomes in most “Intro to Economics” courses can be met with The Civic Mirror simulation and any old text.

  • B.C.’s Social Studies 11

    A scope and sequence explaining how the Civic Mirror can enliven the Canadian Govt and Global Issues units in BC’s Social Studies 11 course!

  • B.C.’s Social Studies 10

    A sensible approach to S.S.10 that will help students experience more success in S.S.11; includes a 5-week unit plan with lessons plans.

  • B.C.’s Civic Studies 11

    A complete Course Pack that covers 100% of the learning outcomes. Includes a course outline and scope & sequence with unit plans, suggested readings, assignments, and more.