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The Troubles at Flinterland as Documented by Citizens (Students)

The students in educator Michele Flintermann’s class have been having some learning fun with the Civic Mirror education program. These students have outlined the troubles in their simulated country, Flinterland. One student is complaining about a monopoly. Another student thinks the prime minister is to blame because he lets the rich live in luxury as the poor languish in hunger, while the last student asks for the ultimate result of having incompetent leaders who can’t enforce equitable distribution of national resources- a revolution! See their articles below.


Written By: Students from Meadowridge School, BC

Simulated Country: Flinterland
School: Meadowridge School w/ Ms Michelle Flintermann
Location: Maple Ridge, BC

Tyrannical owner of power plant monopoly January 25, 2017

Written by: Nicholas z

David Guo, so called “Member of Parliament”, owner of the power plant monopoly has been wrongfully abusing his private owner abilities. He has overpriced his goods, so much, that the fellow comrades of Flinterland are unable to purchase these E/I units without depleting their family fortunes.

This greedy, atrocious, vile, inhumane and barbaric man has driven many citizens to financial ruins in search of the mythical E/I unit.
One could compare this to Sir Walter Raleigh’s search for El Dorado. While the majorities in the country are practically homeless and hungry, he has accumulated immense wealth and power for himself.

This is very shameful, and treasonous against the citizens of Flinterland. How could we allow such an obnoxious, distasteful man to represent the common people of Flinterland. You could compare this man to the likes of Ebenezer Scrooge, the greedy, Christmas-hating man of Charles Dickens’ classic novel “A Christmas Carol”. As a great man once said, “IT’S TIME TO STOP”, these gruesome, dreadful, and monopolistic practices of this man must come to a halt!

In the beginning, all was common to man, but what has happened now? All is common
to the select few who are able to purchase these E/I units at overly inflated, monopolistic prices. Together, the just citizens of Flinterland must band together to defeat this malevolent, aristocratic, and bigoted man!


Tyrannical Prime Minister, February 2, 2017

Written by: Jageur M

Trouble arose in Flinterland as soon as the first year had ended. Many family members had died, and the people were blaming the Government. People were outraged that the government was distributing seized food units at such a high cost, soon, once the food units were distributed to the rich, storing and consuming the extras, the poor had starved. More than 10 family members had died in the first year of Civic Mirror, and the citizens are outraged.

Over the past 2 days, our Prime Minister, Ivan Zhang, has been pummeled with comments about dying or dead family members and how he was a terrible Prime Minister.

The scared and hungry citizens of Flinterland hope that everything will be alright.

Viva la revolucion!!! February 1, 2017

Written by: Nicholas z

Our Prime Minister, Ivan Zhang has openly admitted that he does not care about his citizens. He is a corrupt, wicked, uncaring, terrible student. Thus he is Ivan the Terrible reborn!!

We the citizens must fight against this oppression by electing a new Prime Minister, and MPs. Viva la revolucion!!!

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