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Conviction of Fraud in Moockistan

MoockistanThis post is about the simulated country Moockistan, which is a country created by Mr Trnt Goldsmith’s Class in Waverly, NE. We had featured an earlier post  about Moockistan, but we feel you might benefit further from reading what the class has been doing since. We also like how the student has left us in a dilemma, wondering what will happen to the judge, who is corrupt despite being the one in charge of justice.


Written By: Hayley

Simulated Country: Moockistan

School: Waverly High School w/ Mr Trent Goldsmith

Location: Waverly, NE

The Supreme Court was in session this week in Moockistan. Only one court case was brought to the Judge. However, before the session could proceed, the Judge made a generous demand. He desired $1,500 in payment for his services to Moockistan, which the President had no choice but to accept.
With the payment received, the court hearing ensued. The former president of Moockistan was accused by the current President of stealing government funds before he was impeached and lost access to transactions from the federal bank account. The thief made off with $9,819.
It was hard to believe such a feat could be possible, but the President had solid evidence: a transaction report stating that the ex-president had made a trade from government to himself containing the money. It was a hard argument for the defendant to counter, considering his plea of innocence. The only piece of proof he had to support that claim was a ‘witness report’ that bluntly stated he just ‘didn’t do it’. It wasn’t a mystery what side the jury was most likely leaning towards, though they carried out their meeting for the final verdict, regardless. Conversation filled the waiting time, including a sarcastic comment from the president regarding the current situation.
The Judge didn’t take too kindly to this, finding it ‘disrespectful’. He was quick to fine him $150 for the offense. It was difficult to believe that the Judge would make such a bold stance against his commanding figure. However, with the threat of impeachment to the wind, there wasn’t much risk.The jury returned with their ruling: guilty. No one was surprised. The judge left the decision of punishment to the government, who ruled that since the former president lacked the amount of money stolen, his farm would be taken as equal payment. But what would be done about the judge? That is yet to be seen.

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