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Trixtown & The Roasted Marshmallow, Part 4

This is the fourth and final installment of the student-created Roasted Marshmallow Newspaper series, chronicling the happenings in the Civic Mirror Country “Trixtown” from Turner Fenton Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario.

A Trixy Ending

Written By Nafis Wazid Year 2000, flashed by within a blink of an eye. The citizens in Trix Town prospered and practically every citizen got their necessities. Only one death had occurred and it was due to a wild card, so the citizens of Trix Town must’ve been very happy at the result. Everyone was probably thinking, “We should only expect good things for the next year, right?” But boy, were we all wrong or what. We were so wrong, it’s worth laughing at. The year 2001, marked the death of many citizens and a dangerous plague disrupting our fragile tranquility.

What exactly started this explosive onslaught between the innocent citizens of Trix Town? Well, it all started with someone who was quite quiet at the first year of Civic Mirror, but all of sudden has become infamous for his various crimes committed in the year 2001. That’s right! The one and only, Michael Lee!

It all started when Michael Lee “all of sudden” decided to live in his apartment all by himself, depriving 6 others of residence.  He made this very clear in his post “D4 no more???” Well this was just great. Michael went to the trouble of kicking 6 people from his apartment, killing 6 residents all for the sake of an “interesting” ending.  Well if that was the only part, it wouldn’t have been interesting now, would it?

For those who do not understand what I am saying, think back on how the government decided to deal with this. They said they would “forcibly” take away the apartment hex. Now everyone knows, in a Democratic government, you cannot forcibly take away anything unless the constitution states you can, or you hold a referendum. Remember Nafis Wazed of Trix Town’s comment, “Do you think a democratic government is enough to deal with this issue?” So that means the government would have to change its leadership style, right? Well, the government did just that.

First off, Varun sneakily got permission to amend the constitution by tricking the citizens of the country. Then at the day of the national court, the government announced a new constitution, which was not similar to a fascist government, but exactly like one! That’s right, there would be one judge, the prime minister, with no jury, and the prime minister would also be the executioner.  Well, now that’s just great! All that constant nagging by Anjan had all gone to waste. Well now we can’t say “nobody warned us” which makes the situation all the more unbearable.

To top it off, that’s not the only issue that we have here. You guys probably already know about the implication faced with health last year. Abhinav consumed 3 units and just wouldn’t share. This year’s even worse. We trusted Abhinav with the health unit for another year and look what happened. Another “trixy situation!” Both Abhinav and Michael have consumed 3 units a piece, while Varun, yes our Dictator, who himself consumed 2 units. And did I forget to mention Abhinav and Devansh played a key role in effectively killing 4 people by eating 3 food units a piece.

Now you’re probably thinking I would be saying something like “Coincidence? I think not” but the truth is that most people didn’t even see this coming. It was all done in an attempt to “fulfill their hidden agenda.” Well their pathetic attempt ended up in despair as Varun, the Prime Minister forbade them to seek or take residence anywhere in Trix Town.

Now there has been some backstabbing between Abhinav and Varun about this on the forums about the justification of the penalty although nothing is changed. Both Abhinav and Varun are going to have a death in their family, one due to loss of residence, and another due to deprivation of food. Devansh on the other hand suffers the same sad fate as his friend, Abhinav. Michael, well he is just sitting back and smiling manically in his apartment all by himself.

Even though all three (Abhinav, Devansh, and Varun) have had tragedies happen to them during the game, it still doesn’t pay up for their crimes. The many innocent people of Trix Town who have become involved in their fruitless venture to meet their hidden agenda have brought a sad ending to Trix Town. As Michael, would put it, “it is quite interesting.” But let me tell you one thing. There is no sequel to this sad and “trixy” ending.

*    *    *

And we’ll end by re-stating Ms. Greatrix’s comments about the role The Roasted Marshmallow played in her students’ country of Trixtown: The Roasted Marshmallow played a critical role in allowing students to express their opinions.  They responded to each other in online forums and argued at school, in and out of class.  Unfortunately, reading the newspaper and developing opinions wasn’t enough.  It was only when it was too late that Trixtown residents realized how important active citizenship is, and that voter apathy literally gets you nowhere!

– Kristin Greatrix, Teacher at Turner Fenton Secondary

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