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The Misfits Of Pleasant Park Pt 1: We Three Misfits

Written by: Abbey LePoidevin

Simulated Country: Pleasant Park
School: Nelson High School
Instructor: Ms. Susan Dueckman
Location: Burlington, ON

Me, Emily and Felix sit in the hall with no hope of getting out. Accepting defeat. We’ve been in jail for 3 civic mirror years. All in jail for the wrong reasons. Emily, for a legal, peaceful protest, Felix, for literally what his hidden agenda is (cultural supremacy) and me for being sued and then thrown in jail for a crime that I proved my innocence in court and everybody knew it. We’ve all been denied our right of food, shelter, and owning hexes. Our country is run by a “king” (he’s a dictator).
He’s passed laws saying things like:

– The Prime Minister will become king of the country which will grant him/her complete control over the government decisions, laws, voting on laws and the taking of hexes and units from citizens
– The king and judge can send people to jail if they break the law and they can overrule the jury (when in jail you must sit outside the class with a chromebook for the whole period and are not allowed to have visitors or talk to anyone)

These clearly unfair rules and laws give our leader way waaaaaay too much power and control and could destroy our country at literally any moment he wanted to. This time in jail has really opened my eyes to what real people in the real world have to go through every day. Some people go to jail because they actually did something wrong. Some because the government doesn’t like them. Some because they’re doing the right thing. Take Nelson Mandela for example. All he did was fight for equal rights for white and black people alike and was thrown in jail for 25 years. He did nothing wrong. On the contrary he was doing everything that was right. I’m so privileged because I can just go to my next period and not be in jail or hated by the citizens of the country and go back to my Canadian lifestyle where I have rights and freedoms others in the real world don’t have that luxury. Innocent people have to live in jail 24 hours a day 7 days a week Even though I’m in jail I’ve still learned positively from the negativity.

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4 Responses to The Misfits Of Pleasant Park Pt 1: We Three Misfits

  1. Harry King says:

    Dude, This is horrible!

  2. Thomas Orc says:

    Horrific. Also


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