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King Jobo, The Tyrant

Written by: Y-Felix

Simulated Country: Pleasant Park
School: Nelson High School
Instructor: Ms. Susan Dueckman
Location: Burlington, ON

Lately, Pleasant Park has been a mess, with mass starvation and no shelter for most of the ordinary citizens, while King Jobo and his friends live lavishly. In the year of 2001, the King tried to develop a wilderness hex into another Energy Industry hex, but instead, he wasted four E/I units, and left the country with no power, while the hex did not even develop. After this failure, instead of focusing on giving his citizens enough energy for shelter, he used his remaining energy on technology and education, so that he could spend it all on his remaining E/I hex. The result is fourteen deaths out of 140 people in total. In one year, the King killed off 10% of the population of his country, and surely many more from previous years and years to come. King Jobo was elected on promises of free food and shelter for everyone, but after eradicating democracy and giving himself sole power over the government, this does not seem likely to happen. Not to mention, how he imprisoned at least a third of his citizens, on accusations of conspiring to start a revolution, though there is no proof at all. He is a tyrant, who is unfit to run as the prime minister of a country, much less rule one as king. He has turned Pleasant Park into a nightmare, and the only way to stop him is if we throw him out of power forcefully. That is why we need to start a crisis vote, so that at least the citizens our own country are able to live, because under King Jobo’s rule, there are no human rights, and if we do nothing about this tyrant, the circumstances will only become worse.

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