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Civic Mirror Mis-Sends #3

Civic Mirror is a fun social studies simulation (as messages below will reveal) that allows a class of students to run their own country. When they receive messages from classmates, an email notification is sent from our system. These email notifications always start the same way:


Some students, however, compose their replies to us here at Action-Ed, and they can be enlightening as well as hilarious. This is the third instalment of our Civic Mirror Mis-Sends Series. All names have been changed to protect anonymity. Enjoy!

Bad-Dining-EtiquetteEvicted Tenant Being a Jag

CM Auto-Message: Hello,  Alan has evicted you from your House at e3.

Kyler: You are being a jag.

Alan: What does jag mean? I needed a place to live.

Kyler: A jag is a man or woman with no social etiquette or manners.


Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 7.13.30 AMUnwavering Pessimism

Evan: hey i think we would crush as a party with a few others. up down?

Iza: Depends on their views.

Evan: k what do u think about all those things.

Iza: Well, I don’t think government should own a lot of things. What do you think?

Evan: yeah honestly i think that the government should be a figure to monitor and not interfere. the people should deal more on their own.

Iza: Yeah although it’s all fun and games until the country crashes and burns.

CM Abuse Report

An Abuse report has been submitted by Wyatt of X Block
– – – – – – –
Kyle is stealing my house. This isn’t cool!
– – – – – – –

Illegal Activity

Stewart of Farskvatten: Would anybody please send me a message about any illegal or suspected illegal activity. This will tighten our security and will make sure that we are being honest and are trustworthy. I have already discovered one illegal action taking place and we will review it in court.

Alam: Uh huh, what illegal activity. Don’t waste my time or I’ll waste yours.


Abuse Report Over Corrupt Government

This one is kind of funny because it’s an abuse report to the CM Team over a matter that is clearly a simulated country issue, and one that we can’t do anything to resolve. What it does emphasize is how effective Civic Mirror is in helping students realize how awful it is to live in a tyrannical and/or corrupt country or community.

absolute_power_corrupts_absolutely_trucker_hat-rc867ff9ec73f446c960cf74cd04fc134_v9wfy_8byvr_324Submitted by Mike from Kanto Region: The government has been corrupted and the ruling dictator party has the majority of the votes in the government with a lot of bias from the speaker. All laws are always passed if the PM proposes it. Anything the PM says, goes. PM has seized power over all hexes and money. There has to be a way to undo the transfers and a setting that keeps a citizen from owning more than $10,000.

– – – – – – –
Reproduction Steps: All I wish is that the property transfers to the government are undone and the current government is abolished and a re-vote for a new government will be issued. This isn’t fun!

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