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Candid Reflections On Success, Strategy, and Corruption

Osmond, a student from the Civic Mirror country Procrasti-Nation (yet another Grade 10 Civics class from Turner Fenton Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario), openly reflects on his rise to success, the corrupt country he was a part of, and the shortcomings and poor strategies of his fellow citizens.

While some students read about corruption and how easily it can infest the governments, courts, and institutions of a nation, these students experienced it for themselves in this civics simulation, and learned how much it hurt the health of their nation’s democracy.

*    *    *

How I Became The Most Successful Citizen of Procrasti-Nation

— Written By Osmond

A lot of things happened in this country that may not have been evident from the forums – there were a lot of scandals that nobody really knew about.

It all started with the election. The government was a coalition government, having 2 MPs each from each party (and the equality party had only one MP). The MP from the equality party went on to become the Prime Minister. As soon as this happened, the capitalists sought to team up against the government. I asked them to pool money into my account to outbid the government in the hex auction. Then I never gave them their share of property. This was one major event. There was a lot of arguments.

Now, I monopolized the apartments, and I was in debt to the capitalists, although I got out of many of them because their contracts were weak. However, with the price caps setting the rent to $500 only, I could not make enough money to pay back my rent and to accomplish my own capitalist agenda. So I performed some immoral actions to satisfy my greed. I refused to power one of my apartments, meaning there was not enough living space for everybody, and that 6 people will die. This created a high demand for living space. Then, I asked for donations. Those who donated were prioritized in my apartment, and those who did not, were left on the street. No law was against this, and people panicked, giving me some huge donations.

I proceeded to force myself into the government, without actually being inside it. Bribes and exchanges were made, to pass certain badly worded laws, and to ignore other laws. Even the judge went on my side after receiving free housing and free E/I units. This protected me against the judicial system, which was the key to my success.

After being rich, I got sued twice. The biased jury, since they realized I had taken their money for my own well being, now hated me. However, with the judge on my side, I had no crippling sentence, and often had to pay small fines that I could spare. Since I also owned A/E and Technology, I was able to get a powerful +18 Well-Being Pts each year, and this made me one of the highest in WB Pts as well.
Make enemies, make friends, I did them both. Did I accomplish my hidden agenda? 52 SP and first place. I think that’s an obvious “Yes.” ) 2nd place was 35 SP, to give you a rough idea of the vast difference in success.

This is only my point of view, but here are my opinions on other members of Procrasti-nation as well. The liberals in our class did not have good co-ordination. One of them owned education but never actually gave it to the government. The conservatives were manipulated by our prime minister, and they supported him even though his actions did them no good.

The government, since it had 4 different ideas/parties within, often had many internal problems. Eventually, they had to team up in the house of common to get laws passed, and they even passed fascist laws (party A wants fascist laws, party B wants minority laws, if both parties support each others laws, then they both get passed).

The rise in fascism was shortly ended by the prime minister, because even though he supported it, he was afraid to lose his seat. A Crisis Vote was threatened during the protests, but it did not occur (personally, although it would have been interesting to see a revolution, it was risky because I owned so much property and money).

This is because the prime minister orchestrated a referendum on the question, “Do you want a smaller government?” This was a tricky referendum question though, because he could have easily eliminated everyone and become dictator himself. But, after exposing this, he reworded the question by adding “… by kicking out Peggy, Adam, and Bhavpreet”.

Although the political war that occurred was interesting, it did not matter to me because I had already accomplished everything. I was the richest and I owned the most property.

The environment was relatively safe, and nobody dared to convert any trees/rivers because E/I was too scarce.

Other scams occurred, some were done by myself, but you have probably heard of them before. Bad contracts, bad trades, etc.

The country’s political system failed because of the corruption that occurred, right from the start.

As for a major event time line, checking our country’s biased recorded History page is sufficient, I think.

Keep in mind, that this is my point of view, so do not be biased or anything (unless you choose to ) in the review of Procrasti-Nation.  People don’t just blindly get manipulated I don’t think, there’s always a purpose behind what they do.

Osmond, Media Head

P.S. Having a “sent” mailbox to see your sent mail is good, especially when preparing for court cases. I totally forgot about some stuff I sent and it nailed me hard on the court.
*   *   *
For Civic Mirror participants interested in learning more about Osmond of Procrasti-Nation, check out his personal wiki page within civicmirror.com

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2 Responses to Candid Reflections On Success, Strategy, and Corruption

  1. KyleM says:

    I just want to say that i’m playing now and my hidden agenda is capitalist. This…is…amazing. Im following this but with a twist. I have 2 apartments and a farm. Im about to scam 5 people at once because of loose contrats. Then buy a green space, make a power plant, then push the owners of the power plant to give me the plant. And then follow your plants. Thank you for this because it will help me so much.

  2. lila says:

    my teacher is showing us this game and is having everyone read the manual on it but i went straight to google and started reading how to win. what would you say is the best strategies to win. the first thing i will be buying/owning is the apartments. i will try and tackle this the same way but we have’t even started it yet so what would you say is the best way to win?

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