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Big News in UASDC Countries!

Mr. Matt Anderson updates us on the Civic Mirror news, live from three Grade 12 economics classes at The Urban Assembly School for Design and Construction in New York City.

EXTRA, EXTRA! Read All About It – End of Year News!

Government vows to break trust. Kasheem states, “I knew it was a bad idea, but Geogina lured me in.” Omar replies that he needs to make a living like everyone else. The Price is Right will be playing out in Court on Tuesday – Lawyers are standing by.

Is the Government hogging the Economic Cake? Martin asks, “What is the government doing with ALL the money they’re getting? It’s the people who should have the chance to own businesses!” Miguel, the president replies, “The people should stop just complaining and do something to fix their problems. You have to work for it, not everyone gets to drive a jaguar.”

Judge Pinball! Ramses appoints judge after judge and they keep getting turned down. Outer Haven’s courts are closed down during the first year.

Justin worries about who is getting education units. Cierra states that there isn’t enough and you have to get them quick. Outer Haven struggles with who will get educated and who will get left behind…

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