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A Civic Mirror Country Designed

The citizens of Sharkbait a class from Hudson High School in Hudson, Massachusetts, have the unique ability and responsibility to design the place in which they live, a unique feature of The Civic Mirror.  While many citizens with CM consider what their national cultures will be like, Sharkbait went a step further and contemplated the actual geographic features of their country.  They were inspired by this question posed by their instructor, Ken High :

“Based on what was proposed in class today, what do you think are the best geographic features, which is the best country name, and which are the two best national cultures?”

Jeremy.S began by sharing a country that sounds ideal for someone with specific interests,

“I think that the best geographic features would be the town on an island,has all four seasons, has one big mountain in the middle(for Snowboarding and sking), there is beaches surounding the island and every house has a boat dock in the summer so that we can boat and tube and ski and wakeboard we should have ever type of meat there is and some watermelons,apples,pinapples, and other fruit. I think that a good name should be weom. I think our culture should be meat eaters and vegitariences. “

Mike.G agrees with similar ideas,

“i think that the geographic features of our country should be a island. On this island there should be mansions for everyone and also there should be a jail in case someone does something bad to our island. The name of our country should be weom becasue i just think that it is catchy and works for this. The culture should be meat eaters and vegitarians because thhis way we can support both sides of people wether they like meat or they like veggies.”

Katelyn also believes in this Island Utopia but adds a few food ideas, a topic which is undoubtedly very important in Sharkbait,

“I think the best geographic features are a large island with four seasons. The weather should be nice (not too hot, not too cold) on average. The island should contain beaches, forests, and rivers/streams. I think it should be flat with a few hills. The island should have farm animals (cows, chickens, pigs, etc), other wild life animals, exotic plants, vegetables, tropical fruits, and cocoa beans (especially cocoa beans smiley for :D ). I think the best name for our country should be something good. It should be something that sounds fitting. I don’t have any name in particular though smiley for :erm:. I think the two best national cultures are tied between meat eaters and veggy eaters, and taylors and kanyes.”

While Josh.F concentrates on what the weather will be like in his country,

“I think that the best for our community would be an island with all four seasons. I think the summers sould be pretty hot and the winters cold so there is beach weather in the summers and snow for the winters. I also think that spring and fall should be cool, not to hot or cold. For things like the two groups i don’t really care. And for the name i don’t really have any ideas but i want something that is funny and i won’t forget.”

No matter how the citizens of High 02 decide to create their country, they know that it will be an experience they are not likely to forget soon because they created it themselves.

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