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Winterset Jr. High’s Civic Mirror Story Published on Edutopia

Teens Create Their Own Nation


A year ago, Mr. Jim Heithoff and his middle school students from a small town in Iowa made the Civic Mirror blog as “newbies,” and now, one year later, their story was published on one of the education-world’s most-read websites, Edutopia… and it ran!

Winterset1If you are at all interested in student-led learning or how Civic Mirror transforms classrooms by turning them into countries and students into citizens, you must read their published story, Teens Create Their Own Nations. It showcases just how much students learn about the real world by participating in our social studies simulation, how much intrigue and engagement it provides, and how much life-experience students gain in the process.

We’ll end with this student quote from the article:

“Everyone has different beliefs, but treating citizens like children that can’t make a simple decision is not the way to work towards a compromise. Citizens should be able to earn their money and distribute their goods without restraint from the government.” – Lori T



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